Which Yu-Gi-Oh Character are You?!?!
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Which Yu-Gi-Oh Character are You?!?!

Well, this test is to determine which character from Yu-Gi-Oh you would be. Which character will you be able to fit the shoes of? Find out in this quiz!

Question 1:Which Attack sounds the most appealing to you?
Harpy Lady Attack!
Molten Fireball
Toon Lightning!
Stingy Kindness
Dark Magic Attack

Question 2:What would you Most Likely wear?
A plain white shirt
A red and white coat
A purple sweater
A blue sweater
A green long-sleeve shirt

Question 3:What type of monsters do you like?
Toon Monsters
Female Creatures
Mythical Creatures
Discard/Effect Monsters
Strong Creatures

Question 4:Which Millennium Item would you want?
Millennium Eye
Millennium Ring
Millennium Puzzle
I am too cool-looking for one of those
Who needs a Millennium Puzzle?! I use my hands!

Question 5:What field do You Like to duel on?

Question 6:Which card appeals to you Most?
Man-Eater Bug
Amazoness Paladin
Beaver Warrior
Baby Dragon

Question 7:Where would you Hang out?
In a castle high on an island
With friends, wherever they are
In a club
In the depths of the underworld
A massage bed

Question 8:Who would you care for?
Solomon Mutou (Yugi's Grandpa)
No one, not even me
Cecilia Pegasus
Serenity Wheeler (Joey's Sister)

Question 9:Which of the following would you choose if you won the Duelist Kingdom tournament?
Wealth, and fame
The release of the souls of Pegasus' captured ones
Bring back Cecilia, your loved one
The money for sister's operation
Pegasus' Millennium Eye

Question 10:Pick a word!

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