Yu-Gi-Oh! Personality Quiz
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Personality Quiz

See which character from Yu-Gi-Oh! you're most like!

Question 1:You own 3 of the only four Blue Eyes White Dragon cards ever made. A card shop owner has the fourth. You try to bargain by offering a large sum of cards but you are refused. What do you do now?
Pout and become huffy about it.
Tear the Blue Eyes card in half.
Challenge the shop owner to a duel and then cheat.
Have someone else steal it later for you so no one knows it's your doing.
Say, "That's Okay."

Question 2:If a friend needs your help during a duel what do you do?
Offer advice and confidence.
Try to cheer them on though you have no answers.
What friends?
Ask for something in return for your help.
Use them to your advantage.

Question 3:Your opponent has the Exodia cards which are unbeatable. You ask to see them and they are handed to you, what do you do now?
Steal it outright, or destroy it.
Have it stolen for you.
Admire them and hand them back to their owner.
Envy the cards and feel bad.
Resent that the belong to the opponent.

Question 4:An opponent insults you during a game. How do you react?
Get mad, insult them back, destroy one of your opponents duel monsters.
Get mad and then make a effort to win.
Remind your opponent that the duel is not over and that things could turn around in your favor.
Act smug and just smirk at your opponent.
Sling insults back at them and try your hardest to demean them by winning.

Question 5:You're losing a duel, what do you do?
Losing? What's that?
Get angry, cheat, whine, accuse your opponent of cheating, etc.
Threaten to commit suicide, or bring out your trump card.
Keep your head and trust in the cards.
Look to your friends for help or remind yourself of what your friends said.

Question 6:If you had all of the Millennium items what would you use them for?
Use them for a noble purpose.
Use them for selfish reasons.
Use them to build up your corporation.
Revive dead spouse and then take over the world.
You mean those things have power?

Question 7:Your friend's mind is trapped in a virtual game. What do you do.
Get heroic, and charge in without thinking.
Only if rescuing them benefited you.
You were instrumental in making the trap, why in the world would you want to get them out?
I don't need help! I'll get them out all by myself.
Gather your other friends and try to save your trapped friend.

Question 8:When people complement you for your skills at playing duel monsters you respond:
Give them a rare card and plot to use the fool to your advantage later.
Brag a little, get a little overconfident, but you're still a nice guy.
With practice you can play well too, and just trust in the heart of the cards.
Gloat and make an offhanded remark about what a bad player the person complementing you is.
Gloat and brag.

Question 9:Your friend has a family member in trouble, what do you do?
Support them, and offer what help you can.
Remain aloof, especially if you're the cause of the trouble.
You might or might not help. That's a toughie.
That's their problem, not mine.
Offer help, wish you could do more.

Question 10:You're winning in a duel, how do you behave?
You wait until the duel is over before celebrating.
Brag and insult your opponent.
Prolong the agony of your opponent and enjoy watching them squirm.
Believe that you've already won, and make sure to demean your opponent.
Get overconfident. "Oh Yeah! I'm winning now! I SO ROCK!"

Question 11:You're in a real fix in a duel, and your trump card comes up. Which of these do you summon?
The Dark Magician
Thousand Eyes Restrict
Red Eyes Black Dragon, Baby Dragon/Time Wizard.
You summon your best OR set a trap card to destroy your enemy's duel monster.
Blue Eyes White Dragon

Question 12:An old man owns a card shop, where are you in relation to the shop or it's owner.
You visit every day.
You're so busy with yourself and your own life you don't care.
Close family, (Heck you live in the shop.)
You keep tabs on the shop for selfish reasons.
Who cares about some musty old shop?!

Question 13:You have three best friends, who are they?
Friends? No.... Pawns? Yes!
Who needs friends?
Yugi, Tristan, and Tea!
One can't make friends with anyone, especially if they're your opponent.
Joey, Tristan, and Tea.

Question 14:A mysterious cloaked man asks to hold a personal item of yours in order to read your fortune. What do you give him?
Raise an eyebrow and condescend.
I don't need a fortune teller. I'll make my own fortune.
You hand him your Millennium Puzzle.
Sure, you can hold this worthless item!
Hand over something valuable.

Question 15:Your favorite activity is?
Inventing new technology to improve the way Duel Monsters is played.
Dueling with your friends. (Especially when you win!)
Dueling with your best friends, just for fun!
Hoarding things for my own self satisfaction.
Drinking wine while reading your manga.

Question 16:If you have relatives, who are they?
Little sister.
Who knows?
Grandfather and mother.
My dead wife.
Little brother.

Question 17:How do you win at duel monsters, what philosophy do you have, if any?
Trust in the heart of the cards.
Only those with cunning, intelligence, and a hidden ruthless side can win. It also helps if you have a certain "item" of empowerment.
Win at all cost!
Be self sufficient. Don't rely on others to make your fortune or play your duel for you.
Trust in your friends to remind you to trust in the heart of the cards.

Question 18:Who is your enemy?
Kaiba really ticks me off! Mai only bugs me a little.
Those who try to corrupt duel monsters.
Yugi, Duel monsters opponents, (possibly Pegasus).
There are no enemies, there's just my pawns.
Yugi, Pegasus.

Question 19:My opponent was losing and threatened to kill himself. In the long run I lost and went into a near catatonic state until a friend dueled for the sake of our friendship. Who am I?
Other opponents at Duelist Kingdom Tournament.

Question 20:In episode 13 Yami Bakura seals everyone's souls into cards. Of these cards, which would you be sealed in?
Dark Magician
Change of Heart, Harpy Lady, or others.
Blue Eyes White Dragon
Flame Swordsman.
Toon World

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