Which Yu-Gi-Oh! Character are you most like?
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Which Yu-Gi-Oh! Character are you most like?

Have you ever wondered which Yu-Gi-Oh! Character you are most like? Are you more like Téa, Yami Bakura, Yami Yugi, Joey, or Kaiba?

Question 1:How much do you value your friends?
I love them more than I can say!
Friends? What friends? Those backstabbing demons!
I don't really know them and they don't really know me...
They're always there to back you up. Or save your life. Whichever comes first.
I don't know too many people to have any friends.

Question 2:How often would you say that you eat?
Eat? Who said eat?! Give me food NOW!!!!
Hardly ever.
If my friends are there with me, I'll eat.
When I find time in my hectic schedule, I might eat something.
If I can find something with blood, I'll eat it.

Question 3:There's a fire. What do you do?
I started it...
No! It might devour the food!
Nothing of mine that I need will be destroyed. Why care?
I'll try to put it out...
Oh my gosh! My friends!!! Must save them!!!

Question 4:What is your favorite color?
Gold, like the Eye of Horus.
Pink, like friends.
Red, like blood.
White, like dragons.
I don't know...

Question 5:What's your favorite food?
Anything expensive.
Anything edible.
I don't have a favorite.
Anything bloody and raw.
Anything, if I have it with my friends.

Question 6:You are after the Millenium Items. Which one do you want next?
I want to save the world, but taking the Ring from the tomb robber might be nice.
I'm more for the god cards than the items.
The Puzzle from that darn Pharaoh!!!
Why can't we all just be friends?

Question 7:You're having a duel. Are you more likely to be winning or losing?
I'm probably losing unless I have some help from someone.
If my friends are there, I can make it through anything!
I should be winning. If I'm not, someone's going to die.
I'd better be winning.
I always win!

Question 8:What is your favorite accent to do?
Anything that annoys someone else.
Screwed up English.

Question 9:Who is the most important person in your life?
The other half to my soul.
My little brother/sister.
My older brother/sister.
My friends!
I hate people.

Question 10:A moose just fell on your roof and ate all your waffles. What do you do?
Spare its life. It deserves to live.
Send it to the shadow realm. It's mean.
I'm too busy to do anything to it.
It ate my waffles?!?! I must go in to mourning!!!!
Shoot it down! Shoot it down!

Question 11:Your friend is being mean to you. What do you do?
Fire them and get a new one.
Eat them.
Friends? I didn't have any friends to begin with.
Forgive and forget!
I can get new friends. Can't I?

Question 12:Have you ever killed anything?
Nooooo! Never!!!!
Yes. And I enjoyed it.
Does food count?
Yes. That fly was getting on my nerves.

Question 13:If some random person walks up to you and says, "My mongoose has attached itself to your shoe. Will you please tie it?" what would you do?
Whack them for being stupid. Perhaps hard enough to give them a concussion...
Tie their shoe.
Walk away and pretend to have never seen them.
Ask if they want to be my friend even though I think that they're weird.

Question 14:Do you even remember what this quiz is about?
I don't ever remember anything.
I'm smarter than the average Einstein.
ZzZzZzZ... I'm bored. Can I go kill something?
Would you get mad if I said yes?
Of course!

Question 15:What is your favorite card?
Shining Friendship.
Man-Eater Bug.
Dark Magician.
Red Eyes Black Dragon.
Blue Eyes White Dragon.

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