What Yu-Gi-Oh! character are you?
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What Yu-Gi-Oh! character are you?

Hey have you ever asked yourself which Yu-Gi-Oh! character you are? Are you Yami, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Tea, Marik, Seto Kaiba, Bakura, or even Pegasus? Well this is where you can find out! Try and see!

Question 1:What is most important to you?
My friends

Question 2:What do you base your deck deck after?
POWERFUL CARDS...The only way to duel
I don't duel

Question 3:How easy is it to gain your trust?
Trust? I trust no one!
If you loose my trust you can get it back easily
If you loose my trust you need to work pretty hard to get it back...
It's hard to loose my trust but it happens

Question 4:When you are faced with a challenge do you...
Turn around and walk away
Stay and fight
Look at all of the consequences and then make my choice
Talk to the person and find out why they want to fight

Question 5:Why do you duel?
For the ones I love
To win a rare and/or powerful card
Like I said before...I DON'T DUEL!
Because I know that I can beat the people I challenge
For a good and honorable duel

Question 6:What is your temper like?
I get angry real fast!
I only get mad when my friends are being insulted
I don't get mad that often
What is mad?
I only get mad at people who get on my nerves

Question 7:When I try to motivate people I....
Say EVERYTHING that's on my mind
I get them mad
I coach them, then I cheer them on
I don't motivate anyone
I tell them to suck it up and go for it

Question 8:When I want something done I....
Hide behind people who does it for me
I do it myself, no matter how "scary" it is
I get my friends to come with me, because I need my friends
I do it myself, but if I fail then I ask someone to help me
I do it myself, and if I fail then I give up....

Question 9:How do your friends picture you?
I am pictured as the motivator of my group
I am pictured as the cheerleader of our group
My friends say that I am hyper
I don't have or want friends
My friends say that I am normal, almost the invisible

Question 10:If you were given $3 million what would you do with it?
Spend it all on ME!
Give it to my friend if he/she really needed it
Spend some of it on me and the rest on friends and family
I would give it to someone in my family who needed it
I would give it to charity

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