Which Famous Couple Are You?
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Which Famous Couple Are You?

Who are you? Who is your lover? Find out.

Question 1:What is the date?
Beautiful 1800's...
The days of Pharoh's.
Present day.

Question 2:What's your story?
A man of competition and teaming with my brother.
An emperor looking to tame The Nile.
An ugly face covered in a mask of porcelain and cloaks of black.
A formerly cruel prince placed under a curse until the touch of true love.

Question 3:What is your love like?
A Golden Queen.
An Angel of Music.
A French Beauty.
A Fiery Bombshell.

Question 4:Where do you live?
Palaces and vessels of war.
A labyrinth beneath the opera.
The country.
A cursed castle.

Question 5:What's your sign?

Question 6:What do you wish from your love?
True love.
A passionate bond so strong that it lasts a lifetime.
The hand of Egypt.
To be loved for what I am and not what she see's...

Question 7:What is your attitude?
Desperation and frustration.

Question 8:How does she treat you?
She's my soulmate.
She's mine. No matter what she wants.
She is the angel of my heart...
She sees past my form.

Question 9:What did you do?
I tried to protect her.
I let her return to me on her own.
I let her go.
Won her forgiveness.

Question 10:How did it end?
She finally loved me and then I had to die.
She killed herself shortly after my death.
She broke the curse and we lived happily ever after.
We lived happily ever after as always.

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