Which actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood are you?
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Which actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood are you?

Are you Greta Garbo, Irene Dunne, Doris Day or Katharin Hepburn?

Question 1:You have won Awards, what awards do you hold?
The most Oscars EVER
Nothing, I'm just cute
Lifetime achievement honory Oscar
Humanitarian Award

Question 2:You were most known for playing these types of roles
Depressed, poor, helpless soul
Anything, I'm the best (well, almost)
Screwball with the occasional Dramatic role

Question 3:Your personal life is
Over every paper
Never revealed
Somewhere in the middle
No one ever cared, I never did anything bad

Question 4:Your love life outside of the films is
I remained happily (and faithfully) married
Married a number of times and have concluded men are jerks
Had an affair
Disclosed, although I had one true love

Question 5:Your beauty allure is
Very elegant
Bubbly and cute
Mysterious, I was voted the most perfect woman
I should have been a boy

Question 6:Your persona is
I don't really care, I'm a very happy person in what I do
I am the best and I know it
America's Virgin

Question 7:The men who were most seen beside were
John Gilbert
Spencer Tracy
Cary Grant
Rock Hudson

Question 8:You're most remembered for
My horrible marriages
My mystique, my amazing acting and my 'vanting to be alone'
My screwball comedies and my dramatic ones too
All of my Oscars

Question 9:Someone spots you and they
Only those few devoted fans would come over and you would talk with them
Point and yell "It's America's Virgin!"
Stay away, you're not rude but people respect your privacy
Bound to you and you would smile and sign autographs

Question 10:Lastly, you're most famous treasured role(s) is/are
The Awful Truth and all of those Cary Grant films I made with him
Ninotchka (I laughed) and Anna Christie (And they heard my accent)
Pillow Talk, but I did get some recognition in my Dramas too
The Philadelphia Story and all of those films alongside my boyfriend

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