What That 70s Show guy are you?
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What That 70s Show guy are you?

And try not to pick the answers that fit your favorite character!

Question 1:Are you...?
The rebel.
Man pretty like Bowie but dumb.
The strict disciplinarian.
The foreign kid.
The one with the tiny wrists and a basement.

Question 2:What is your motto?
I lost my mind… and I don’t miss it!
I’ll make you wear your ass for a hat, dumbass!
I don’t trust anything. I don’t trust the government. I don’t trust the newspapers. I’m not even sure that what time we think it is right now is really what time it is.
Good day. I said good day!
Is an ass hat fatal?

Question 3:What is your religion?
Clapton is God.
I befriended the pastor so I can stay home and watch football with him instead of going to church.
While I respect the Judeo-Christian ethic, as well as the eastern philosophies and of course the teachings of Mohammad, I find that organized religion has corrupted those beliefs to justify countless atrocities throughout history. Were I to attend church, I’d be a hypocrite.
I come from a village that worships feet.
People who burn stuff believe in God too.

Question 4:Why do your friends like you?
I don’t have friends, everyone's afraid of me.
My sexy good looks.
I’m an evil genius.
My coco brown skin.
My cool basement.

Question 5:Why do your friends make fun of you?
Because I’m a virgin.
Eric loves Donna!
That would require me actually having friends.
They don’t. I make fun of them.
Being stupid.

Question 6:How do you see yourself?
All right! I’m the best looking person in this room. No. In this whole town. No! No, in this whole state. No!
I may be skinny, but yeah, I'm Mick Jagger skinny, and that's very in right now. Yep, it's very hot.
The king of my castle.
Sexy gigolo with coco brown skin.
I’m an original, a Warhol. You are just a print.

Question 7:How do others see you?
I don't like parties and I'm a big, bald, party pooper.
A smart mouth.
Don't listen to him, he's stupid!
In my country we make out with our friends girlfriend’s because la de da.
I don't have any feelings 'cause I'm just a frizzy haired robot.

Question 8:What is your weakness?
My wife.
A crying girl.

Question 9:How do you do in school?
My job is to get good grades and get into a good college.
School spirit is for losers, man. You're just like floating along on a conveyor belt of conformity. Pep rallies, extracurricular activities, washing your hair...
I slept with my teacher. C-!
My teacher always writes ‘see me’ on my homework.
I was in the army.

Question 10:Who’s your nemesis?
The Cheese Guy!
That kid in my shop class who sat on my spice rack and that OTHER foreign kid.
My sister… my dad…
Anyone who thinks they’re my friend.
The law… and that pesky cheerleader who’s always following me around.

Question 11:What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?
Leave that OTHER foreign kid at the Michigan border.
Killed my girlfriend’s cat.
Tried to steal my best friend’s girlfriend.
Take another girl besides my girlfriend to the prom.
Fired my kid from his job because he wanted to get married.

Question 12:What is your most embarrassing moment?
When the group found out about the erotic dream I had of my same-sex friend.
When everyone found out I was fooling around with that pesky cheerleader I hate.
I told my son I loved him.
Walking in on my parents having sex.
When I found out about the erotic dream my same-sex friend had of me and I thought I was gay.

Question 13:You’re trapped in Canada while on a beer run. What do you tell the Mounties?
I claim not to speak English.
I ask them what they call Canadian bacon.
I’m part of an elite high school terrorist group who’s here to take over their country.
I’m legal. I drink my beer here.
The truth. I’m here for the beer. THE BEER!

Question 14:What music do you listen to?
Punk is the outcry against the corporate rock & roll take over. It's the soundtrack to the revolution, man!
No music. Just sports on the radio.
My own drum.
If it’s got a beat, I’ll dance to it!

Question 15:What car do you drive?
A lady’s car because I can’t drive a stick.
VW bus.
El Camino.
Corvette convertible.
Vista Cruiser station wagon.

Question 16:What’s your favorite movie?
Smokey and the Bandit.
Star Wars.
The Rocky Horry Picture Show.
Night of the Living Dead.
The Omen is playing at the drive in. Do you know what this means for us? It’s make out city!

Question 17:What’s your favorite meal?
Anything but hot dogs again.
“Special” brownies.
Cooked wieners… wait, this isn’t cooked! <shrugs>
Anything where my parents aren’t naked.

Question 18:What’s your family like?
I’m an exchange student staying with a conservative Christian family.
Why are all these kids here? I feel like a Mormon.
My brother locks me in the closet with a bag of fish until I cry.
I’m a foster kid from an alcoholic family.
At least my mom loves me.

Question 19:What’s a typical day from your childhood?
Playing with the red headed neighbor girl and her cool Big Wheel.
I get paid to protect the skinny kid with the tiny wrists.
My friend’s mom tells me that I forgot my pants… again.
Worshipping feet.
Shooting people in the war.

Question 20:When you first move out of your parents’ house, where will you stay?
Move out?
Madison, Wisconsin- they have TWO movie theaters.
My best friend’s house.
An army base in Korea.
Another country.

Question 21:What is your career?
DMV employee.
A space man! No… a sexy cop!
Are you kidding? I’ll be lucky if I stay out of jail.
Anything to earn enough money for the wedding.
Price Mart Manager.

Question 22:How do you really make your money?
I’m a gigolo… so I’m always broke.
Selling “special” brownies.
My dad works to support me.
I work to support my family.
My rich girlfriend keeps me clothed and fed.

Question 23:What is your type?
My best friend.
Anyone who will let me DO IT!
She's not a goddess, more of an earth mother whore type, which works for me.
My polar opposite.
Look, she's beautiful, she believes in me, and if I can get her to put out, it's three out of three. Right now, it's two out of three, and I'm sorry but 50% ain't gonna cut it.

Question 24:What is your take on relationships?
If you really do love her, there's only one thing to do man: You gotta dump her and live free!
My mind is pure man! I don’t fall victim to the female race. I’m here, sans girlfriend, to help you guys out.
One day I just woke up and my life was over. Next question.
Oh there will be details-a-plenty in my steamy letter to "Penthouse"... Okay, my mom's still behind me, isn't she?
Working with someone you have had sex with is the worst thing ever. I don’t know how Donny and Marie do it. Sex ruins everything.

Question 25:What do you look for in a relationship?
When I’m bored? Anyone who’s there.
Everyone’s welcome in my sexy circle! The more the merrier!
I just want to DO IT!
The one person I can stand.
The red headed neighbor who’s too good for me.

Question 26:Why did your last relationship end?
She was using me to get back at her parents.
<crying> Eloise! Why?!
She wouldn’t accept my promise ring.
I cheated on her out of revenge for something she didn’t do.
She wanted to get married so I ran.

Question 27:A relationship before that?
She didn’t like my friends.
She was insane and liked to choke herself.
I cheated because she was always making me feel bad about myself.
<still crying>
I’ve only had one relationship.

Question 28:What do you do after a breakup?
I <clears throat> cry.
Start listening to country music.
Go back to playing handball.
Stay in bed for a week.
Cry for a week and then write a love song to get her back.

Question 29:What was your first sexual experience like?
Well boys, I'll tell you. It was as if in one magic moment the two people Donna and Eric ceased to exist and were replaced instead by one perfect being: Donricformciotti.
Well, our faces didn’t line up right, so I kept bumping my chin on her nose. And there was no romantic music, like in the movies, so I had to hum. And afterwards, I went in the bathroom and cried a little, and then I snuck out the back door.
In front of a movie theater with a horse-faced girl.
See, the establishment doesn't want us having sex because they know it makes us feel good, right? So, if we can feel good on our own, what do we need the establishment for? So every time we have sex, it's a huge protest!
I didn’t call her for a week after because I was thinking about breaking up with her. (Unless you count playing Doctor.)

Question 30:What was the last present you gave your girlfriend?
A box of chocolates I ate myself.
A bag of plastic dinosaurs I was going to let her play with.
My favorite Led Zeppelin shirt.
A fish (so she wouldn’t want a cat).

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