Which That 70s Show Girl are you?
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Which That 70s Show Girl are you?

And try not to pick the answers that fit your favorite character!

Question 1:Are you…?
A nurturer.
An Amazon.
A cheerleader.
A devilish whore.
A free spirit.

Question 2:Why do your friends make fun of you?
I can’t have friends because of my husband’s personality.
My thumb's caught in something right now.
Cause they’re jealous.
I was born with a tail.
If they did I’d kick their asses!

Question 3:How do you see yourself?
I’ve got great legs, and a fine rack but I’m a major skankoid! You don’t know where a girl like me has been.
Despite my bimbo-like good looks, I’m very smart!
I’m a feminist.
I am a bitch. And you love me!
A good mother who doesn’t play favorites… though I like my son better.

Question 4:How do others see you?
A good mother… and also kind of hot.
As a sweater.
The bossy little mean one.
As one of the guys.
As the devil.

Question 5:What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?
Renewed my wedding vows.
I broke a couple up. You know, for fun.
Not accepting my boyfriend’s promise ring.
I locked a woman in a closet so I could finally be a bridesmaid.
Kissed the cheese guy. But he kissed me first!

Question 6:What is your most embarrassing moment?
What does that mean?
When my brother’s friends found out I was born with a tail.
When my best friend/ex boyfriend’s mother caught me drunk.
When my boyfriend ran away so he didn’t have to marry me.
When my neighbor started talking about her sex life.

Question 7:What’s your family like?
My house used to be fun until my husband made it miserable. I’m not happy with windows being nailed shut, I’m not happy with people sneaking around, and I’m not happy with my Christmas bells on the front door!
I’m the favorite.
My daddy’s in jail for tax evasion and my mom’s whoring it up in Acapulco.
I’m unhappy.
My parents use in me in a pawn in their disagreements.

Question 8:What’s a typical day from your childhood?
Being spoiled by my daddy and making fun of my little brother.
Wrestling with the neighbor boy and kicking his ass!
I like nudist parties.
Playing doctor.
Being better than my sister.

Question 9:What is your career?
I'm a model and my boyfriend isn't there.
I’m a mother. I’m staying home full time and I am taking back my house and that’s the way it is.
I’m the devil!
What’s a career?
Globetrotting rock ‘n’ roll journalist.

Question 10:How do you really make your money?
My husband was Bargain Bob before he went bankrupt.
My daddy is rich.
Oh, as village whore I thought my days were all filled up!
I do the farm report on the local radio station.

Question 11:What is your take on relationships?
Send him to my room when you're done!
I believe there’s one person out there for everyone.
I’ll stick with my husband through good and bad no matter what.
An open marriage.
No, it's just, look, one week he breaks up with me, and the next week he’s prince charming?

Question 12:What do you look for in a relationship?
I’m gonna sleep with him a couple of times and see what happens.
How about you just keep worshipping me from a far, and stay available?
An equal partner and good father.
Someone who’s not an ASS!
Listen you worm, I am not your slave or your waitress or your maid, now don’t get all “Archie Bunker” on me or I will kick your ass to the moon!

Question 13:Why did your relationship end?
I was unhappy so I left.
I don’t know. I’ve never been dumped.
I promised myself no more boys will cheat on me, so when he did, I broke up with him.
I wouldn’t accept his promise ring.
He went back to his wife.

Question 14:What do you do after a breakup?
Plot my revenge.
I have Carnation Instant Bitch for breakfast because I want to do it with him one more time.
I run away to California to be a star on Broadway.
I get back together with him.
They cry all night.

Question 15:What was your first sexual experience like?
It was in my boyfriend’s room while my parents were renewing their vows.
I got pregnant and had to marry him.
It was in my bed when my parents weren’t home and I thought I was pregnant.
That’s not kitchen talk.
The Packers… my professor… married men... men with girlfriends… my little brother’s hot friend… too many to remember.

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