Are you obsessed with JTT?
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Are you obsessed with JTT?

Take this test to see if you are obsessed with Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Question 1:Do you have pictures of JTT all over your stuff?
Question 2:Do you have a site dedicated to JTT (or are you planning to make one sometime soon)?
Question 3:Do your friends roll their eyes every time they go with you to your locker because there's so many pictures of him?
Question 4:Do your friends roll their eyes every time they words "Jonathan Taylor Thomas" or see "JTT" anywhere on your stuff?
Question 5:Do you hate the part in "Wild America" where JTT plays Marshall and has to ride behind the car in the hood of a truck?
Question 6:Do you dream about JTT?
Question 7:Do you fantasize about him?
Question 8:If you are not twenty-two years old, beautiful, and famous, are you disappointed?
Question 9:Do your friends call you a pervert when you tell them what you dreamed about last night?
Question 10:Do you do more than ten internet searches for "Jonathan Taylor Thomas pics" a week?
Question 11:Are you thinking of JTT right now?
Question 12:Do you suck your thumb or split your legs (or both) when you watch "Wild America"?
Question 13:Do you make quizzes that sound something like, "Are you hopelessly devoted to JTT?" or something to that effect?
Question 14:Are you listening to "I Will Always Love You", "Hopelessly Devoted to You", "You're the One that I Want", or "Alone at a Drive-in Movie" right now?
Question 15:If you said "yes" to the last question, are you thinking of JTT this second?

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