Which model are you most like?
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Which model are you most like?

Take this fun quiz and see which model you are most like!

Question 1:First thing's first! Which of these physical characteristics sounds the most like you?
Pouty lips and full figured
Doe eyes, flawless skin, tall and super skinny
Thin body, full lips and pretty face
Soft facial features and a curvy body

Question 2:What is your style?
Casual and relaxed
Rock n' Roll Chic
Elegant and sophisticated
Super trendy (i.e.Calvin Klein)

Question 3:What is your personality?
Sweetie pie
Bubbly and encouraging
Miss Attitude
Reserved and quiet

Question 4:Which of these is the most important in your life?
Nice clothes and a hot boyfriend

Question 5:What do you do on a typical friday night?
Party hard!!
Read a book
Hang out with my boyfriend

Question 6:Who is your celebrity crush?
Johnny Depp
Duh! My boyfriend is hotter than any of those celeb boys
Fred Durst
Russel Crowe

Question 7:What do you think when you see runway models in freaky clothes?
I think they should wear more realistic clothes
I AM a runway model!!
I don't think that they look freaky at all, you freak!
Eeew! They are way too skinny

Question 8:What is your bad habbit?
Shopping waaay too much
Dressing a little too trampy
Being a little too quiet at times
I USED to do drugs and I still drink lots

Question 9:What is your motto?
"I am too good for you"
"You can never be too thin"
"Always put school first"
"You can never have too many clothes"

Question 10:What do you think of this quiz?
It could have been more educational I guess
It's ok I guess
I just looove quizzes!! *Giggles*
Stupid and a waste of time

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