Are you Obsessed with Adam Gregory?
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Are you Obsessed with Adam Gregory?

Do you really know everything? Take this test and find out for sure...

Question 1:Do you talk about Adam every single day?
Question 2:Have you ever cried because you didn't see him on CMT?
Question 3:Do you own multiple copies of his CD's?
Question 4:Do you know what year he was born in?
Question 5:Do you know what month?
Question 6:Do you know what day?
Question 7:Did you know that Adam's favorite food is Mashed Potatoes and Gravy?
Question 8:Have you been to one of his concerts?
Question 9:2?
Question 10:3?
Question 11:5+?
Question 12:Do you annoy your friends by talking about him?
Question 13:Have you ever told anyone that you're married to Adam?
Question 14:Have you told strangers?
Question 15:Have you ever used Adam's last name on school forms?
Question 16:Have you changed your life to suit his?
Question 17:You hear his song on the radio. Do you turn the volume up?
Question 18:Is your room plastered with pictures of Adam?
Question 19:Do you know where Adam lives?
Question 20:Do you know how old he was when his first CD came out?
Question 21:Would you ever move to his hometown just to find out things about Adam?
Question 22:Do you know how old Adam is?
Question 23:Do you know Adam's last name?
Question 24:Have you ever kept the T.V. on CMT and waited until one of Adam's song is on?
Question 25:You see/hear and Adam Gregory song/video. Do you make everyone be quiet so you can only hear his voice?

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