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Which Famous Actress Am I Like?

Find out whether you are Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Brenda Song, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. You can't go wrong with any of these lovely and talented young women - but which one are YOU? If I've made you curious, try out my test now!

  • 1
    If you were going to a movie, the people most likely to accompany you would be:
  • 2
    Your humble abode would be:
  • 3
    If you could be another person for a whole day, you would like to take the place of:
    If you could be another person for a whole day, you would like to take the place of:

  • 4
    The role you love playing most is:
  • 5
    Which three words describe you best?
  • 6
    You would want your boyfriend to be......

  • 7
    The profession you'd most like to pursue?
  • 8
    Which of these do you believe are the main qualities of true love?
  • 9
    Which of these celebrities would you most want to date?
  • 10
    Whenever you have even an ounce of free time, you:

  • 11
    Which of these qualities do you look for most in a best friend?
  • 12
    If you had to live on only one food item, which of these would you choose?
  • 13
    Which of these celebs would you most like to meet?
  • 14
    If you could change your name to one of these names, which would you choose?
  • 15
    Which of these moods are you in today?

Comments (30)


34 days ago
Yay I got Vanessa Hudgens!! I love her!
135 days ago
Woooo selena gomez!!
193 days ago
Ye options wothout bf justewwww
193 days ago
I got Ashley tislio. Who’s she!
310 days ago
Interesting quiz. I'm mostly like Miley Cyrus it’s probably just because I want to be Hannah Montana.
326 days ago
Whoop whoop love this quiz but I feel like they tell you who you are based on which you feel you're most like, so I'm not sure
358 days ago
lol i have no clue who these people are plus can u put in options with no boyfriend plz
377 days ago
Dang it I really wanted zendaya
403 days ago
Selena Gomez, yaycool
405 days ago
Almost everyone !!!!!¡!!!!!!!?
528 days ago
This is a very fascinating quiz! I'm mostly like Selena Gomez!
534 days ago
599 days ago
hi I’m games I’m a youtuber that’s my career so far I’m 12 and I’m being a actor for my main job and I’m a boy😑
761 days ago
OMG...Im almost everyone... vanessa hudgens miley cyrus brenda song selena gomez ashley tisdaley...
810 days ago
Omg I got 47% Miley Cyrus and 40% Vanessa Hughs and 13% Selena Gomez 😀
825 days ago
I love this it will help me find my match
1067 days ago
I got selena gomez!!
i literally love her.....
1076 days ago
1076 days ago
GOT selena gomez 96%,by the way i deserve SELENA as my name is selena also
1098 days ago
My results were not clear it says 27% Miles Cyrusfor 20% I am Ashley Tisdale and for 20% I am Selena Gomez and 7% I am mostly like Brenda song 🙁