What's Your Star Style?
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What's Your Star Style?

Take this exciting 10 question quiz to find out what's your style and which female celeb would be your best friend!

Question 1:My favorite thing to do on a weekend is to...
Go out to a wild party with all your friends
Go shopping at the mall with your closest buds
Go outside and play sports 'til ya drop
Curl up on the couch and read your favorite book

Question 2:On your first day of school you choose to wear...
Your sexy leather pants with your new glittery top
Your new colorful, flowery dress
Your old sweatpants and a sports T-shirt
Your cute, striped oxford shirt and faded blue Jeans

Question 3:Your favorite female celeb is...
Christina Aguilera
Katie Holmes
No Doubt's Gwen Stefani
Mandy Moore

Question 4:My have accessory is...
Glitter, glitter, glitter!
My cute, glittery butterfly hair clips
Colorful, simple hair scrunches to keep my hair back
My cute golden hoop earrings

Question 5:The kind of guy I'm looking for is...
Daring and adventurous
A total sweetheart
The captain of the football team
The guy- next- door

Question 6:My hair is...
Never the same style or color twice!
Natural or highlighted, usually wavy or curly
Pulled away from my face in a simple ponytail.
Totally natural, falling however it is

Question 7:My favorite movie is...
Scream 3
Legally Blonde
10 Things I Hate About You

Question 8:My favorite color is...
Stunning silver
Baby- blue

Question 9:During class I'm usually...
Passing notes to your bud about how hot your crush looks today
Chatting with some of your friends about going to the mall later on
Tossing a tennis ball around to everyone in the class when my teachers not looking
Taking notes and listening to every word your teacher says

Question 10:My favorite song is...
Roll- out by Ludacris
Crazy by Britney Spears
Y.M.C.A. by The Village People
Walk Me Home by Mandy Moore

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