Which mythical creature are you?
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Which mythical creature are you?

A quiz to determine which type of mythical creature you are. 15 questions.

Question 1:Which do you prefer?

Question 2:What's your temper like?
Why be angry when you can laugh?
I have a very hot temper.
It takes a lot to push me over the edge.
I'm a very cool headed person.

Question 3:You are:
Sympathetic and trusting.
Gentle and wise, but a bit wild at heart.
Secretive and you keep to yourself.
Fun loving and mischievous.

Question 4:For fun you might:
Do something creative
Hang out with friends
Play with animals or walk outside.
Spend time alone doing your favorite hobby.

Question 5:If you could watch one type of movie for the rest of your life it would be a:
A romance, or something where all turns out well.
An good action movie.
Drama, something that makes me think.

Question 6:What do you despise?
Betrayal and thieves.
People that can't take a joke.
Arrogance and people who pick on the little guy.
Stupidity and liars.

Question 7:Friends for you are
Too many to keep track of then all!
The small group of people that truly understand me.
Very few, but those friends are lifelong treasures.
I have lots, but I can keep up with them all.

Question 8:Your downfall is
I am often too trusting.
I'm close myself off to others.
I don't take life seriously enough.
I can sometimes be arrogant.

Question 9:Your favorite type of music is
Something with both a good tune and well thought out lyrics.
Anything upbeat and happy, all the better to dance to!
A song that tells a good story or speaks of something meaningful.
Something with a catch tune.

Question 10:What would you like to do in life?
Make a fortune.
Do something helpful to others.
Never wasting a second of it, I'd like to satisfy all of my whims.
Making all of the achievements I can.

Question 11:Where would you like to live?
Somewhere secluded where I can be left alone.
Somewhere full of live and fun.
Somewhere beautiful and peaceful.
Somewhere where I can roam free.

Question 12:Would you rather
Walk or run
I'd rather stay inside most of the time.

Question 13:People are
Good deep down inside
Not to be trusted at all.
a mixture of good and bad and meant to be approached with care.
Easily tricked.

Question 14:Love at first site
A lie
Beats me
Not very likely.
Entirely possible.

Question 15:What's your take on fighting?
Things aren't important enough to fight over.
For the right reason, I'm more than willing.
Nothing at all wrong with a good fight now and then.
I don't like it, but sometimes it's necessary.

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