What Disney Character Are You Most Like?
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What Disney Character Are You Most Like?

This quiz will tell you what Disney Character you are most like

Question 1:If your friend was hurt, what would you do?
You would have stopped anything from happening.
You could care less...just watch him suffer!
Help him yourself.
Run away and be a whimp.
Try and get help right away.

Question 2:What is your favorite sport?
Track and Field
I'm too lazy to like sports.
If I played sports, I might break a nail.
Skateboarding, Skiing, Rollarblading, or anything of the sort

Question 3:What type of person are you most like of the descriptions below?
Frightful, scardy cat, klutz
Shy, not too talkative but brave
Optimistic, looking for adventure, daring, risky
Brave, hard-working, smart
Stuck up, evil, hateful

Question 4:If you were bored, what would you like to do most?
Do something outside and play with others
Help another person.
Stay inside thinking of all the things you would like to have.
Go on an adventure with a family or friend.
Think of ways to become more cautious.

Question 5:What is your favorite color?

Question 6:Are you ruled by...
The cruelest thing you can think of.
the passion of your heart.
the logic of you head.
What others tell you to do.
Logic of your head and passion of your heart?

Question 7:Do you like to do...
Things your used to doing?
What others do?
Whatever you think is the coolest.
All of the above?
The latest and greatest.

Question 8:Would you rather...
None of the above.
Curl up with a good book?
Dance and party?

Question 9:Would you rather...
None of the above
All of the above
Eat by yourself.
Have lunch with nice people.
Eat nice people for lunch.

Question 10:Do you look up to...
Your parents?
Government people.
What are you kidding....I don't look up to anyone.....everyone looks up to me!
Random people you barely even know?
Anyone who is bigger than you?

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