Which Disney Character Am I The Most Like?

There are more than 800 Disney characters in this magical family fun movie world. I chose five fabulous favs for this personality quiz - Pinocchio, Gaston, Cruela De Vil, Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell. So no sweet Disney princess or Disney Prince. But which Disney character are you the most like? Who are your friends? It might not be who you think! Find out now and start this magical object! (Ok, it is just a Disney quiz 😂)

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    Which of these countries do you like best?
    Which of these countries do you like best?

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53 days ago
Why did I have to get Mickey Mouse? I like Jasmine or like belle or Rapunzel or or like Elena or Sofia!?
143 days ago
I am 53% MIKEY MOUSE. I am so happy I love MICKEY MOUSE.
226 days ago
🦄 it said 53% mickey😠
575 days ago
Tried again
Mickey Mouse

575 days ago
i got 50% Mickey. Why? Who is the other 50%
675 days ago
My god I got Mickey and I don’t think Mickey cares about fashion🤣🤨😒😫😤
713 days ago
I am 🌻le bell😅😍😇
714 days ago
Im Gaston from beauty and the beast...😶😶🤔🤔😱
761 days ago
OoOoOof well I guess it's really easy to get Mickey lol
767 days ago
Which Of These Disney Characters Are You The Most Like?

For 67% you are: You are the most like MICKEY MOUSE! I’m a girl and thought I would get tinker bell but I got Mickey I totally agree I love to make peoples smile 😀 Yay 😁
777 days ago
PINNOCIO! wow I didn’t know I was a devil and why is it only boy girl? Not boy boy and girl girl?
838 days ago
i like mickeys his one of my favorites
841 days ago
Mickey Mouse? HOW?

don't read this part im just adding more characters
918 days ago
Pinnochiooooooooooooooo. ( I think I'm actually like Jasmine so ya DOIIII )

_ Nueva B. signing off
940 days ago
and pinocchio ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
940 days ago
evey fricing time I get mickeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
946 days ago
946 days ago
946 days ago
I got...... MICKEY MOUSE
951 days ago
i got PINOCHIO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!