Which Of These Disney Characters Are You The Most Like?

In all, there are more than 800 Disney characters. I chose five fabulous favs for this quiz - Pinocchio, Gaston, Cruela De Vil, Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell. Which one are you the most like? It might not be who you think! Find out now - try this test!

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    Which of these countries do you like best?
    Which of these countries do you like best?

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75 days ago
My god I got Mickey and I don’t think Mickey cares about fashion🤣🤨😒😫😤
113 days ago
I am 💝le bell😅😍😇
114 days ago
Im Gaston from beauty and the beast...😶😶🤔🤔😱
161 days ago
OoOoOof well I guess it's really easy to get Mickey lol
167 days ago
Which Of These Disney Characters Are You The Most Like?

For 67% you are: You are the most like MICKEY MOUSE! I’m a girl and thought I would get tinker bell but I got Mickey I totally agree I love to make peoples smile 😀 Yay 😁
176 days ago
PINNOCIO! wow I didn’t know I was a devil and why is it only boy girl? Not boy boy and girl girl?
237 days ago
i like mickeys his one of my favorites
241 days ago
Mickey Mouse? HOW?

don't read this part im just adding more characters
318 days ago
Pinnochiooooooooooooooo. ( I think I'm actually like Jasmine so ya DOIIII )

_ Nueva B. signing off
340 days ago
and pinocchio ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
340 days ago
evey fricing time I get mickeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
345 days ago
345 days ago
345 days ago
I got...... MICKEY MOUSE
351 days ago
i got PINOCHIO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
373 days ago
I got tinker bell or peter pan
376 days ago
I got 60% of Mickey mouse!
387 days ago
BTY 70% of all of us got mickey, right?
387 days ago
I got...

455 days ago
Ok I know who i am and they did not give me the right questions and none of the things were really me and I got Mickey?!?!??!!