Your Fairy Tale Character Type
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Your Fairy Tale Character Type

Question 1:   When in a difficult situation, what brings you through?
Using your Education.
Your Kindness and Understanding.
Luck and Patience.
Attractive Looks and Personality -- Charisma.
Wit and Cunning.

Question 2:   How would you describe yourself?
Attractive to others -- in appearance and personality.
Waiting to be discovered -- a diamond in the rough.
Like a Child.
Clever and Intelligent.
Tender-hearted -- there for those who need you.

Question 3:   From the list below, which would you pick as your Hero?
My favorite Professor / Teacher.
Self-secure and self-sufficient, I am my own hero.
My Father / Mother.
My (present of future) spouse / lover -- the one who completes me.

Question 4:   From the list below, which animal best represents you? (Only one from the pair need represent you.)
Pig (hey, they're not just greedy! they're intelligent, too!) or Bee
Dog or Dolphin
Cat or Owl
Tadpole or Caterpillar
Lion or Swan

Question 5:   They say not to judge a book by it's title, but if you had to, which of the following would you read?
"Puzzles and Games for the Extremely Intelligent"
"Finding Your Perfect Match"
"Saints Behind the Scenes"
"The Psychology of Beauty"
"True Adventures, Told by Those Who Lived to Tell"

Question 6:   If you could live a day in someone else's shoes, whose would you wear?
My own shoes -- I don't want to be anyone else.
The Slippers of Royalty.
Holy Sandals.
The Shoes of my Parents or Ancestors.
My Enemy's Boots.

Question 7:   Walking through a dark forest, I'd feel. . .
At peace -- I am protected.
Fine, I'm prepared for what's out there -- if anything's out there.

Question 8:   Which "How To" appeals to you?
How To Spot a Trap
How To Use Your Talents For The World
How To Read People
How To Be Yourself In Any Situation
How To Reach The Top -- Since You're Already Almost There

Question 9:   To which family member do you feel closest?
My Father / Mother or Uncle / Aunt.
My Sister / Brother.
I don't feel close to my family.
My Son / Daughter or Nephew / Niece.
My Grandmother / Grandfather.

Question 10:   When it comes to sex. . .
I often get in over my head.
I don't mean to brag, but. . .
Pleasing my partner is the most important thing.
I'm waiting for the perfect partner.
I've got a few tricks up my sleeves!

Question 11:   Since we're on the topic. . . which of the following phrases best states your opinion on sex?
In sex, it's very important that you be attracted to your partner.
In sex, you receive pleasure by giving pleasure.
It's not what you've got, or how you look, that counts -- it's all about the How To!
Sex brings two people together in a spiritual and physical union.
When it comes to sex, I'm a little afraid, but always curious.

Question 12:   From the following list, which best describes your ideal partner?
Someone I can respect.
Someone who's a lot like me.
Someone who measures up to the example provided by my Dad / Mom.
Someone who sees the real me.
Someone who needs me.

Question 13:   Which game would you choose to play?
Treasure Hunt
Hide and Seek
Truth or Dare
Pass the Parcel -- Everyone's a Winner!

Question 14:   Which part of your body do you like best?
My quick limbs and quick thoughts.
My brain.
My helping hands and full heart.
My eyes -- windows to the soul.
My whole body -- how can I choose when it's all good?

Question 15:   Times are good when. . .
I feel useful and get to share my talents.
I feel loved and recognized.
What do you mean when? Times are always good!
I'm with family and friends.
I'm accomplishing my goals.

Question 16:   Secretly, I want to . . .
indulge -- food, sex, and everything over the top!
be famous and adored by all.
be recognized as top in my field, and showered with honors.
near spiritual perfection, and, well yes, save the world.
live a life of luxury, surrounded by beauty and abundance.

Question 17:   From the list below, which would be your dream profession? (If only one of the pair applies, go ahead and pick that option.)
Spy / Gambler
Stay at Home Parent / Counselor
Explorer / Culinary Artist
I already have the job of my dreams!
National Leader / Model

Question 18:   I think other people see me as. . .
a people person.

Question 19:   When it comes to interacting with others, where to you fall in?
I have a lot of friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends. . .
I spend a lot of time with family.
I give of my time to those who need me.
I mostly interact with a small, but close knit, circle of friends.
I like to spend a lot of time alone.

Question 20:   And Finally: Pick a Word! Any Word!

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