Which Fairy Tale Character Are You?
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Which Fairy Tale Character Are You?

This is just a stupid, little quiz for you to have fun with. I made it myself. Try different answer combinations to see which characters you can come up with.

Question 1:   You and some friends are sitting around one evening, doing nothing. Someone suggests that you all go out and find something to do. You…
disagree, saying you don’t feel like it, but end up going along anyway.
are the one who suggested it.
agree but say you have to be back by midnight.
agree and grab some spending money.
decide to go along, just because.

Question 2:   You all decide to take a trip to the mountains. Everyone piles into a car, and the driver starts driving. You…
check your watch to see how much time you all have before curfew.
are singing along with the radio.
wonder what adventures are in store for you.
call shotgun and stick you head out of the window to fuss at a drunk driver.
strategically plan out which sites to hit during the trip.

Question 3:   While the car travels up the mountainside, it stops all of a sudden and breaks down. Oh, man! You…
get out the car and check to see what’s in the trunk.
grumble and complain, saying you knew you all shouldn’t have gone out.
jump out the car, pop the hood, and start trying to figure out what the problem is.
look over the shoulder of the person trying to fix the car and offer to help.
take out your cell pone and call AAA.

Question 4:   Well, someone checks the trunk and finds all the stuff you guys decided to bring along. You are told to grab something that might be used to help fix the car. You reach into the trunk and pick up…
a bag of magic beans.
a wrench.
some cupcakes. Yum!
a magic wand you borrowed from someone… you can’t remember who.
20lbs of dynamite and a sawed-off shotgun.

Question 5:   The mechanic of the group takes the wrench and starts to work on the car. He spends a long time trying to fix it. While everyone is waiting, you…
are trying to remember who the wand came from and exactly how long it has been in your possession.
grab your bow and arrows and vigilantly watch the deserted road for criminals.
smack the person who brought the magic beans and threaten him with the shotgun.
amuse yourself by fooling around with the fuses.
get hungry and eat the cupcakes.

Question 6:   Well, nothing seems to be working. The car is dead, and you all are stuck up on a high mountain. Everyone is trying to figure out what to do. Suddenly, out of the woods comes a giant grizzly bear! He starts to run at the group. You…
have somehow shrunk in size. (Uh, oh.)
tell everyone you have everything under control, and plant the magic beans in the dirt.
flourish your sword and fly at the bear, screaming.
launch a stick of dynamite at the bear’s head.
are desperately trying to figure out how to use the magic wand, while calling 911 on your cell phone.

Question 7:   Just then, there’s the sound of a gunshot, and the bear drops dead. A woodsman appears and asks if you guys are okay. You say…
“Our car stopped working, and we need to get back down the mountain. Can you help us?”
“Thanks for the help… now, beat it!”
“You don’t happen to have a bottle that says ‘drink me’ on it, do you?”
“Oh, I’ve got everything under control,” and explain to him your magic bean plan.
“Do you know what time it is?”

Question 8:   The woodsman tells you all to stay put, and that he’ll go find help for you. So you’re all just standing around, waiting when all of a sudden, the car…
gets pushed over and rolls down the mountainside when a giant beanstalk rises out of the ground. (oops)
decided that enough was enough, and rolls down the mountainside without you.
teeters over and falls down the mountainside. Should’ve picked a better parking spot.
gets stolen by a walking deck of playing cards that claim the queen is in need of a new coach! That’s it. No more snacks before midnight.
turns back into a pumpkin! Should’ve bought insurance.

Question 9:   Now you guys are in trouble! Everyone starts arguing and blaming everyone else for everything that happened while you…
argue and blame everyone else for everything that’s happened, too.
prepare yourself to face your parents’ wrath as you have missed curfew and totaled their car.
take your ax to the beanstalk and hack it down
grab your bow and arrows and vigilantly watch the deserted road for criminals. Hey, what else can you do?
fade away until only your grin is left.

Question 10:   Well, whoever chopped down the beanstalk managed to angle it so that the tall, long plant fell onto the mountainside in such a way that you could all slide down to the bottom. Everyone makes it down safely and you…
grumble your thanks and walk away.
gratefully thank “bean boy” for saving everyone, giving him a slap on the back.
wake up with a start. Whew! It was only a dream.
smile modestly and accept the few words of gratitude that come your way.
thank “bean boy” and run back home, accidentally leaving one of your shoes behind

This Quiz has been designed by Vanessa Sanders.