Which Princess Are You

Some day your prince will come, but what princess will he be finding? What Disney Princess are you?

Question 1:Where would you most like to live?
An exotic palace
A mansion
A hidden house in the woods
In a small village
A small house in the country

Question 2:What sounds the most romantic?
To fall in love for love rather than status
Love at first sight, and he couldn't rest until he saw you again
You fell in love, lost each other, but he found you and saved your life
You see past the physical to the heart and fall in love without knowing it
You were destined for each other

Question 3:What song most likely describes your love life (or how it would be if you had one)?
Once Upon a Dream
There's Something There (that wasn't there before)
Someday My Prince Will Come
So This is Love
A Whole New World

Question 4:What flower do you like the best?
Baby's breath
Long stemmed red rose
Wild Rose

Question 5:What type of prince would you be most likely to fall for?
A man that, despite his surroundings, has a heart of gold
A rough, tough exterior with a sensitive heart that only you can reach
A handsome, charming man who makes you blush and whisks you away to his castle after saving your life
A fun loving man that dances and would fight off a dragon to save you
A man that falls in love with you at first sight and can't rest until he finds you again

Question 6:What is your favorite color/s out of these choices?
red or gold
light pink or light blue
blue or silver
sea green or turquoise

Question 7:What would you prefer to be your companion?
A tiger
Seven small friends
Three fairies
A few mice
A household of talking items

Question 8:What obstacle does your prince have to overcome to win your love?
His own status and a crazy man who is trying to take over your land
A deep magical slumber
Search the ends of the earth for you
An evil fairy disguised as a large dragon
His vicious temper and an overreactive guy you turned down

Question 9:How do you feel about life?
Happy with your life and friends
Looking for love
Can't wait to see the world
Feel trapped by status and home and want to get out
Always try to look at the positive, but at times can be sad

Question 10:Do you prefer to sing or dance?
I will always be a dancer
Sing my heart out
I like to sing and dance with my friends
I love to do both
I like to sing when I am with my prince

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