What Disney Princess Are You Most Like?
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What Disney Princess Are You Most Like?

Which beautiful princess are you?

Question 1:What type of house would you most like to live in?
An exotic palace
A quiet village
A mansion
A small house in the woods
A castle

Question 2:Who would you most likely fall in love with?
A guy that is totally unattainable, but has all the qualities you want
A rich guy that you find just incredibly charming
A guy that is adventurous and has a good heart
A guy with a tough exterior, but a tender heart that only you can reach
A fun guy who you fall in love with for the first time like you were meant to be

Question 3:Where do you want to live in or near?
In a warm, exotic area
In a bright cheery part of the woods
In the middle of the city
Near the ocean
In the woods near the mountains

Question 4:What type of flower do you like the best?
Wild rose
Long stemmed rose

Question 5:How will the person you fall in love with make you feel?
Once upon a Dream
Part of Your World
There's Something there
A Whole New World
So This is Love

Question 6:What is your favorite color?
Turquoise and sea green
Light blue and Light pink
Blue and Silver
Red and gold
Bright Orange and Yellow

Question 7:What do you do in your spare time?
Go out and do stuff you are not allowed to do
Take a nature walk
Read and Daydream
Putz around the house, wishing you could go out

Question 8:Who would you prefer be your companion/s
A friendly fish, protective lobster, and crazy seagull
Three lovable fairies
A household of talking and singing items
A tiger
A few mice

Question 9:How would your prince win your heart?
By saving you and your world although he knew he may never see you again
Protect you from an evil man and saves your kingdom and admits he is not everything you thought he was, even though you love him anyway
By searching the ends of the earth to find you after you had met only once and shared a dance
By awakening you from a deep sleep with your first kiss
By shedding his tough exterior and admitting his love for you

Question 10:What type of music do you prefer?
Exotic, different types
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