Which unknown princess are you?
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Which unknown princess are you?

Are you the innocent goose girl? Are you naive Rapunzel? Are you the determined frog princess? Or are you the faithful the faithful princess from the Six Swans? Find out here!

Question 1:Do you have a stepmother and what was she like?
Yes and she was evil she hated us
No but I knew a goblin
No but I had a witch does that count?
No but I had a horrible maidservant

Question 2:What was the worst thing that happened to you?
I lost my mother's gift, my pet died, and this girl stole my man
Not being able to talk under penalty of death
I realized that my true love was right beneath my nose...but it was too late
being alone in my dark, dark world

Question 3:Have you ever been blamed for something you didn't do?
I've been blamed but I *did* that
Yes I was blamed for killing my children
Yes I was blamed for being selfish and unkind

Question 4:What's you prince like?
He's beautiful on the inside
He's understanding
He's beautiful on the outside
He likes my hair

Question 5:What was the hardest thing you had to do?
Proving who I am
Proving myself to my true love
Dealing with all those knots
Saving my family

Question 6:How did you fall in love?
I scratch your back you scratch mine kind of thing
He realized that I was some goose and ditched his girlfriend
He rescued me from my dark world
He thought I was gorgeous

Question 7:What color hair do you have?
Long blonde hair
wavy or curly blonde hair
Brown or red hair

Question 8:What color eyes do you have?

Question 9:What's you favorite Disney song?
Some day my prince will come from Snow White
Tale as old as time from Beauty and the Beast
Reflections from Mulan
Once upon a dream from Sleeping Beauty

Question 10:What's your favorite fairy tale?
Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast
The Little Mermaid

Question 11:Which line from a poem do you like best?
But this, as all things else, time wastes with wearing, Where you my jewels multiply with bearing
Where, when as death shall all the world subdue, Our love shall live, and later life renew
I mourn no more my lonesome years; This blessed hour atones for all.
I never saw so sweet a face; As that I stood before. My heart has left its dwelling place And can return no more.

Question 12:What sounds most unreasonable?
Sewing six shirts out of leaves
Using your hair as a ladder
Getting somewhere you can't
Talking to a dicapitated horse head

Question 13:What have you learned?
Always tell the truth and keep your promises
Be determined and pay attention
Love your family and friends faithfully
Be patient and selfless

Question 14:What's your favorite color?

Question 15:What is your favorite fantasy movie?
Fellowship of the Ring
Two Towers
The Neverending Story

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