Which Disney princess are you?
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Which Disney princess are you?

We all have some princess in us but who are you most like.

Question 1:   What colour is your hair?
Golden Blond
Really Blond

Question 2:   What are your 2 favourite colours?

Question 3:   Where is your favourite place to be?
At a party
Some where with adventure
In a library
With the man I love
The sea

Question 4:   Who are your friends?
A crab, a fish, and a seagull
Mice, birds, and my childhood dog
A candle stick, a clock, and dishes
An owl and other forest animals
My tiger

Question 5:   What is your favourite past time?
Having an adventure

Question 6:   What is your favourite food?
Party food
French food
Anything but seafood, they're my friends

Question 7:   Do you have any siblings?
Yes. Lots of sisters
Nope its just me and my dad
No but I don't care
If step-siblings count then yes

Question 8:   Who is/are your guardians?
My father we need eachother
My father and his helper
Three woman I call my aunts who have raised me
My father but I can support myself
My step-mom and my fairy godmother

Question 9:   Who do you love?
The first man I EVER met
Some one adventurous
Some one that is misunderstood
My complete opposite
The absolute perfect man

Question 10:   Finish this sentence: This quiz......
Is the first quiz I have ever taken
Is lovely
Is great for reading purposes
Isn't very exciting
Is okay but I've done a better one

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