Disney Princess Personality Quiz

Have you ever wondered which Disney Princess you would be? Well, now you can find out! When doing the quiz, which includes all princesses, keep paper and pen handy, or remember the numbers by your answers. When you finish, ignore the one or two other princesses and read the description of the one you got!

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77 days ago
Mulan* what the heck autocorrect
77 days ago
I got Milan, Pocahontas and Merida!
88 days ago
Snow White, Aurora, and Jasmine cool
88 days ago
I think that this site is amazing
240 days ago
comment on my thing pls
240 days ago
u put fav disney land ride i have never been there
417 days ago
U didn’t type my favourite animal 🦒
432 days ago
you are like Rapunzel You work hard and are very optimistic! Beautiful inside and out! Fair and just: that's you idk that doesn't sound like Rapunzel
502 days ago
I wasn’t tracking no one told me to
560 days ago
I wasn't really following the numbers, but I got Merida, Mulan and Pocahontas. I would say I relate to all of them. 👸
571 days ago
it really is an adventure, it's mind blowing i ❤❤❤❤ it,also I am unknown's sis😘
571 days ago
I love this quiz, very helpful 😘
620 days ago
56% mulan 44% merida 😎😎
679 days ago
I want to be a princess like you
679 days ago
Flora alina
Don't worry about
689 days ago
Mulan, Pocahontas and Merida! Totally my favourites!
713 days ago
Nice i LOVE YOU Mulan
713 days ago
Is Mulan 39% .....😃👩🏻🗡 30%Pochahontas👩🏽✨ 31%Merid👩🏼‍🦰🏹
767 days ago
Mulan, Pochantos and Merida
836 days ago
My favourite Disney princess is Auroura