Which Disney Princess Are You??
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Which Disney Princess Are You??

Take this quiz to find out which Disney Princess you are :)!!

Question 1:Your parents ask you to take out the garbage what do you tell them?
Of course I will *mutter* evil step mother!
Make me, do you think a lovely princess would take out the trash?
Indians have trash to take out???
Make our servants do it.....
'Yes mother dear' and then run to your friends cottage in the woods!

Question 2:You are put under a curse, which one do you have??
I have a curse that won't let me sneak out of my camp and secretly see my love.
A curse that makes me clean all the time.... wait I already have that one!
I got the curse which makes it LOOK like I'm dead until my 'Prince Charming' comes and kisses me.
I have the curse which turns me into an ogre at night.
My curse wont let me ride on my magic carpet.

Question 3:You find your true love... what is he like?
My true love isn't very attractive, but he has a good soul.
My true love is someone I met at a dance and he didn’t sleep until he found me again.
My true love is a guy who lifted me off my feet the first time I saw him.
My true love is a lovable-street-rat type.
My true love is someone who was forbidden to me, and now lives far away.

Question 4:You get online, what's the first site you look at?
I look at cleaning supplies.
I look at the swamp-house-decorator home page.
I look at a food network page.
I look at a clothing store, I only have 2 outfits!
I look at a gift page for little people.

Question 5:My favorite magazine is...
...a magazine for young lovers.
...a magazine for decorators.
...a magazine for people with pets.
...a magazine for ugly people.
...a magazine for cleaners.

Question 6:My best friends are the ____ type. (Fill in the blank)

Question 7:When you get frustrated you burn off your steam by...
practicing my karate
taking a run through the woods
sneaking out and finding chaos
taking a walk to the cottage in the woods

Question 8:You walk to the bus-stop to get on the bus to school and you unexpectantly run into a what??
sand monster
bunch of men who try to kidnap me
a couple of my animal friends
band of 7 little men
tribe of Indians

Question 9:Someone says 'Hi' to you in the halls, what do you say back??
'Good day my fair friend'
'Yes, hello'

Question 10:Your car is a what?
Pick up truck
The new Volkswagen Bug

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