Am I An Indigo, Crystal Or Rainbow Personality?šŸŒˆ

Basically, there are three different types of Earth Angels - Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow. They're all SO cool! But do you have a deep desire to know which of these old souls YOU are most like? Let me tell you - try my 'Am I an indigo child or crystal child' quiz now! You couldn't go wrong with any of these strong willed spiritual leaders - who are highly creative and have extreme empathy, strong intuition, innate spirituality and possibly even psychic ability - but maybe you have a favorite? I hope you get it as your result!:-) Take this indigo, rainbow or crystal children test now.

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    What do you/would you do if you notice(d) someone being bullied?
    What do you/would you do if you notice(d) someone being bullied?

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1637 days ago
Not clear 30% of each haha
1639 days ago
60%Crystal feels like me. Calm natural healer and a peacemaker. As a child I never looked to a profession of what I wanted to be. I remember I was drawn to the curators of nature and how we could change and manipulate our own experiences with the way we thought about things. Maybe this is Crystal
1652 days ago
I got 30% Indigo. Awesome!
1652 days ago
i am 50% Crystal and 50% Rainbow
1659 days ago
I got 40% crystal and 40% rainbow
1671 days ago
Thinking you have a bigger role is nothing but humans making the world a bigger deal that it really is. i believe there may be a spiritual realm, but i dont believe in god. it just sounds like people want to feel like there is more to life than what there really is. through accepting the world for what it is you can find true solitude. i grew up with adhd and had depression most my life because of the negativity of this world. but then i just accepted everything. accepted no god was going to answer my prayers, accepted that my dad and sister would not see me in the afterlife. accepted the fact that people a generally toxic and want things to be a bigger deal than they really are.
1684 days ago
Crystal. But I always think I'm closer to Indigo.
1689 days ago
Indigo. Yes. Exactly.
1696 days ago
I took this test and it said i was a rainbow child,I also took another test and it said I was a rainbow child too.
1777 days ago
yea I had that feeling I'am crystalline growing up. Iam always happy, hyper and uncontrollable. I always have dreams I can remember and nightmare I don't want to deal with. I love nature and animals growing-up. Iam always singing and drawing and it irritates my mother cox I'am all-over the place. I hate, I hate rules it made me so depress.. "boxy" I called it and boring... I always seeing things out of normal and lol.. u can call it crazy or paranormal... I talk to them sometime..ooopppsss..
1806 days ago
I have found out that I am Crystal the funny thing is that I grew up in a forest and would always trip on giant crystals people think that only one kind of personality has paranormal activity I am currently being physically attacked and have all the symptoms of being so. If you would like to know more about physic attacks I had to read into it you should too it's fun. I feel like im going to pass out sooooo goodbye.
1827 days ago
Imani how did you find out which one you are? Iā€™m really interested in this and I want to know what I am.
1839 days ago
LOL. Come on if you were an Indigo, you have had paranormal experience in the past. Deal with it.Cheers
1899 days ago
BAD QUIZ! Ask better question that relate to these special beings. I got 40% rainbow... I AM NOT EVEN A RAINBOW CHILD/ADULT! I am a indigo adult! I mean i fit the description to a tee. Have adhd EVERYTHING. I took the test to see how accurate it was... and apparently not that accurate