What mythical beast are you?
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What mythical beast are you?

Do enjoy tearing people limb from limb or being stroked and fondled in someone's lap? Then maybe you should have been a mythical beast! Take this quiz to discover the beast within...

Question 1:Which of these describes you best?
Proud, arrogant and a real smart-ass
Frivolous and frilly!
Hairy, aggressive and scantily clad
Quiet, shy and a natural pacifist
A fiery personality but can't resist a virgin once in a while!

Question 2:What are your friends like?
What friends?
Anyone who refuses to be my friend is instant spam!
A few close friends
Just me and da posse!
Hairy, aggressive and scantily clad

Question 3:What was your last boy/girlfriend like?
600 years old, but a real looker!
A perfectionist
The winner of the last Mr/Miss Universe contest!
The best that money can buy!
Hairy, aggressive and scantily clad

Question 4:What is your ideal pet like?
Pet? I ate it.
friendly, soft and comforting
Something loyal and ferocious, like a lion
Hairy, aggressive and scantily clad
Small, cute and fluffy

Question 5:What is your attitude toward children?
I don't mind them, so long as they're well behaved
Waste of time. All right for some, I suppose but not my cup of tea.
Mega cool! I just can't relate to adults.
Ate them too.
In my opinion, they are not hairy or aggressive enough.

Question 6:Where would you live, given the choice?
A palace
A little toadstool!
A deep, dark cave...
Outside that guys palace
A wood or small forest

Question 7:What is your ideal job?
Job? I'm the King. I do not work!
Arsonist and general vandal
Anything where I get to use pink fluff and pretty, pretty sparkles!
Messenger of god!
Wrestler, where I'm at my hairy, aggressive, scantily clad best

Question 8:What's the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning?
Hit the first moving thing I see and eat it for breakfast.
Up at the crack of dawn to wash in the dew and eat fruit.
I don't do mornings...
Visit my friends Benny bunny and Molly mouse for a tea party.
Preen and gaze into my floor-length mirror.

Question 9:What does breakfast consist of?
6 villages, 12 knights, a selection of emperors and several lowly goatherds.
Fresh fruit and river water
Duh! The first thing I saw that moved!
Sugar puffs (for the free gift, naturally!)
A full scale banquet!

Question 10:What do you do in your spare time?
Play tig and go to parties!
Dance in a meadow and run away from anything big.
Preen. And kill those who criticise my dress sense.
Guard my hoard and plan world domination! MUAHAHAHAHAAA!!! *ahem*
Concentrate on being hairy, aggressive and scantily clad.

Question 11:What is your secret fear?
Being caught with bedhead! What could be worse?
Everything! HELP!
Waking up one morning clean shaven and fully dressed.
Fear? I eat fear for breakfast! (It goes well with toast)
Voldemort! AAAAGH!

Question 12:What is most important to you?
My friends and family, of course!
Treasure! And power! Nothing's more important than power!
Peace, truth and happiness.
My hair, my wonderful hair!

Question 13:What is least important to you?
The guy that lives in the shed over there.
Anyone but me. Ya got a problem?
Feelings. What's the deal there?
Aggression and evil.
That ***** who said my designer top was tacky!

Question 14:Why do you wear that hat?
It's the only one I can find that fits over this growth on my head.
It's cute! And the latest thing!
Ya wha'?
It looks amazing, don't you agree?
I wear no hat! This is an outrageous slander!

Question 15:Want a cup of tea?
Yes please. Weak, no milk or sugar.
Yes please! Six sugars and a spoonful of honey, sweet like me!
I'd prefer a pint, but whatever.
I do not dine with the likes of you!
Want a wooden overcoat?

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