What Elemental Dragon are you?
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What Elemental Dragon are you?

This combines the mythological creature quiz and the element quiz. My two favorites!

Question 1:What is your favorite season?

Question 2:How do you dress?
something snazzy and totally you
flowing loose clothes, but nothing uncomfortable
whatever i feel like that day
fairly plain clothes that I look pretty in

Question 3:In a group, you are.....
the one who makes sure everyone gets heard
the one on hand when the others need help
the leader, my way or the highway!
the one doing something else entirely

Question 4:In school you get....
I have a problem staying on task but when i do something, its good
None of your Business but good grades
my group work grades are always the highest

Question 5:What weapon would you go for?
all of the above! i don't know what i will want when i need it

Question 6:what books do you like to read best?
I usually get my friends to recommend books
I read all kinds
a good adventure/fantasy novel
realistic fiction about people i can relate to

Question 7:Are you a manipulative person?
only with people I don't like

Question 8:Do you trust easily?
yes, and people can always trust/count on me
no, i have a wall between myself and others that is not entirely of my own making
it depends on who
only within a close circle of friends

Question 9:Do you hold a grudge?
no, but I get revenge
no, i discuss my problems with people out in the open
no, I just let it go
yes, but I rarely act in it

Question 10:Do you enjoy the company of others?
yes, within a close group of friends
i hang around with many different groups depending on my mood
I will be around anyone who wants my company
no, i am naturally a bit of a loner, i have one or two close friend but i prefer to be alone

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