What kind of dragon are you?
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What kind of dragon are you?

Take this test to determine exactly what kind of dragon you are. You could be good, you could be evil, you could be....well just take the test and see!

Question 1:   The store cashier gives you $10 too much in change. What do you do?
I remember the Bible Study teaching and immediately give the money back
I reluctantly give the money back.
I pocket the cash but feel guilty
It's their loss!

Question 2:   Stella could turn people to stone with her rancid gaze. She asks you, her best friend, to tell her honestly if she is attractive. You say....
You lie to her and tell her she looks F.I.N.E.
You tell her that her looks are unimportant and don't mean diddly
You tell her she is a hound dog.
You laugh hysterically and tell her she looks like the incarnation of ineffable ugly.

Question 3:   Whilst playing UNO you and your partner you...
Secretly devise a perfect cheating scheme.
Play by the rules
Slam the player's head on the table when they give you a Draw Four as they go out.
Try to get an edge

Question 4:   You judge people...
to be superior if they are your kind of people
Judge not lest you be judged!
To be your servants whose destiny is to peel grapes and pluck them into your mouth
On the basis of merit

Question 5:   Your homework is meant to be
Completed by someone else.
Turned in on time, and done by you.
used in the kitty litter box
an excellent learning tool

Question 6:   My favorite types of movies from the choices below are....
those with a religious theme

Question 7:   I most CLOSELY feel on the level with the following organism....
Staphylococcus bacteria
Koala bear

Question 8:   I am most annoyed by
Joe Theismann
Sinead O'Connor
The Pope

Question 9:   I think marriage is...
A sacred institution
A frightening thought
Cause for the death penalty
Fun while it lasts

Question 10:   I have engaged in illegal activity...
I never committed a crime ever bub!
If I knew I wouldn't be caught
I doubt I will but you never know...
I am wanted in over 67 countries

Question 11:   I go to church
Most of the time
My name is Damian Thorne...

Question 12:   When I grow up I want to be a(n)
Tibetan Monk
Police Officer

Question 13:   The glass is
Half empty
Half full
making me angry
a weapon

Question 14:   The BEST artist of the choices below is:
Brittney Spears
Bob Seger
Led Zeppelin

Question 15:   I would prefer to hunt
Musk oxen
Grizzley bears
AKC registered golden retrievers

Question 16:   How fast do you drive in a 65 MPH speed limit area?
70 MPH
Under 60 MPH
Under 40 MPH
155 MPH if possible

Question 17:   My favorite zoo animal is

Question 18:   Public displays of affection are
something I like to do frequently
OK within reason
I don't think about it that much

Question 19:   If I were a newspaper section I would be...
The sports page
The obituaries
The comics
The classifieds

Question 20:   I prefer
Ice cream
Tortilla chips
Turkey gizzards
Pickled pigs feet

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