Which mythical creature are you?
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Which mythical creature are you?

Question 1:I would most like to live in a
beautiful forest glade next to a sparkling stream.
cool cave brightened up with lots of shiny gold.
perch, high up on a cliff top with expansive views.
beautifully decorated underwater castle.
cozy shelter in the woods next to a campfire.

Question 2:Socially, I enjoy
with tons of friends at parties every day.
spending most of my time quietly with my best friend.
spending time with a close circle of friends.
my family and friends, but prefer to relax alone.
a variety of activities with a large number of friends.

Question 3:If someone threw a pillow at me I would
throw it back.
burn the pillow up.
scratch the stuffing out of the pillow.
shoot the pillow with an arrow.
stab the pillow through the middle.

Question 4:My worst enemies are
thieves who steal what doesn't belong to them.
mean people who have no sense of humor.
intruders who encroach where they aren't allowed.
poachers who prey on innocent creatures.
monsters who scare everyone.

Question 5:My first choice of a main dish is
fresh meat in great amounts.
fish and seaweed.
light vegetarian food.
absolutely anything edible.
meat and potatoes.

Question 6:When strangers are around I am
protective of my friends.
friendly yet careful.
playful and funny.
aggressive and hostile.
cautious and alert.

Question 7:The job I would be most suited for is
museum curator.

Question 8:I would love to have
hoarders of valuable treasure.
peace and prosperity.
lots of pretty things.
land and power.
a special bond with forest creatures.

Question 9:When I look in the mirror I imagine seeing myself with
a beak, feathers, and fur.
beautiful reptilian scales and wings.
a lovely tail and lots of muscles.
fish scales and pretty jewelry.
a flowing mane and tail.

Question 10:If my friends had to sum me up in one word it would be

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