Human, Demon, or Witch
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Human, Demon, or Witch

Hey. Let's find out what species you are.

Question 1:What's your favorite color?
Blood Red/Black
Doesn't matter.
Pretty stars.
Anything bright

Question 2:What's your hobby?
Hangin' with friends
Summoning Demons
Chattin' on the net
Conjuring Curses/Hexes
Bouncing off the walls. (literally) or just trying to walk through one.

Question 3:Someone just stole all of the money that you've saved up for a trip with your S/O (significant other). What do you do?
What money. I'm not allowed to have any. It tastes good though.
Steal someone else's money
Find that bastard and beat the crap out of him/her until he/she gives you your money back!
Cast a spell to find him, kill him, then afterwards take all of his money along with yours
Who cares? You can get more

Question 4:A huge war is raging, because everyone wants to take over the world. You are...
Sit around and wait while they all kill each other. Then YOU can claim victory
Running around screaming your head off. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The one who started it. You'll finish it too
What war. HELP!!!!!!!
Putting a Curse or Hex on all of them. That'll show em'

Question 5:What would you like to be?
A freak of nature
A fox eared demon. They're the coolest!
A witch or wiccan. You know, mystical powers. Stuff like that.
Someone who had more than just padded walls.

Question 6:What do you look like?
I have fox ears, lethal claws, and fangs. (Killing is fun)
I look like human, but I have great powers. (I curse you)
What's it to you?
I have 2 legs and no tails. Human, all the way.
A human, I think. The last time I checked, I was in a pretty jacket.

Question 7:Is killing fun?
As long as I can use my powers and fighting skills, I'm happy.
Stop telling me to kill. These things in my head have already made me do it twice!
That's wrong
Killing's fun, but it has become boring

Question 8:Cats, dogs, foxes, tigers, or what?
I like dogs. They're sooooooo CUTE!
I like animals
I would like a fox, since it may be a demon
Black Cats all the way.

Question 9:Which one is more appealing?
Blood and Death
Spell Ingredients

Question 10:Do you like humans?
I dunno! Don't ask!
I am one. What do you think?
I'm a half human. But I have powers. So you can kill the humans, but not others like me.
I don't care about any of that. Come on over here and kill me. End the misery.
I'll kill them all off, then this planet will only have 2 types of creatures living on it. (besides animals)

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