What Kind Of Creature Are You?
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What Kind Of Creature Are You?

This test gives you insight on your personality and how you can make yourself seem favorable in the sights of others?

Question 1:How do you act around large groups of people?
I just kinda tune it all out . . . most of it's not worth while anyways.
Goofy and wild . . . most of the time I'm drunk!
Goofy and wild . . . and I'm not drunk!
Normal. I act like I always do . . .
I really enjoy large groups of people . . . but I don't like the noise.

Question 2:How do you act when you're one-on-one with a close friend?
I do my homework while pretending to listen.
I listen and give a little commentary at the appropriate parts of the convo.
I just kinda listen to their complaints. It sounds like they need a good shrink anyway.
I interrupt a lot . . . with my own stupid comments that don't pertain to the question.
I make weird noises and try to make them laugh.

Question 3:What about your style? How do you dress and do your hair?
Kind of a combination of everything. Some days I dress '60's. Other days, I could dress Goth. It's just how I feel that day.
I wear shirts with sayings on them such as "Glam" or "Fab". Sometimes I dress sporty too.
It depends on how I feel. But I never dress to wild or too trendy or too messy. Everything is in perfect moderation.
I wear mostly dark colors and sleek hair. I try not to stand out too much.
I dress like a cow and say "Moo!" every 5 seconds. I'm annoying!

Question 4:If you could have any car, what would it be?
I really don't care, as long as it's a uncommon or icky color . . . like bright lemon yellow or booger green.
Something flashy, but not too flashy. I'm not sure.
Err...at the moment, I want a red Ferrari. But tomorrow it could be a Taurus.
Something tasteful. Enough to be noticed and admired, but not enough for people to say "Oh My God!"
A black Lexus. Sleek and dark, just like me.

Question 5:If you were to draw a self-portrait and shade it, what would it look like?
I've never had a desire to draw and never will have.
As perfect as I could possibly make it. Whenever I set my mind to something, I ALWAYS do my best!
It would look ok. Probably not much contrast (lights and darks). It would have an over-all gray tone.
Like Bart Simpson! Muahahaha!
It would have a lot of eraser marks. I change my mind too much on the shading.

Question 6:What kind of people do you hang out with?
People who are better looking than me . . . and do more outstanding things. I'm somewhat of a wall-flower.
I'll only hang out with people who can offer ME something.
People with the same moral values and goals I have.
People exactly like me! Because I'm too annoying for anyone else.
It depends on what kinda mood I'm in. I hang out with different people everyday.

Question 7:What do YOU think of yourself?
I'm kinda finicky. I'm picky. I change my mood all the time.
I'm have my exceptional talents. I'm not great at somethings, but I'm really good at others. I also can understand others well too.
I'm special. I'm hot. I have everything.
I'm an ok person. I won't win the Nobel Peace Prize, but it's ok.
I'm annoying. How many times do I have to say that? I AM ANNOYING!

Question 8:How do others perceive you?
Some people are jealous. I know this from experience. But they really don't understand.
I think they think I kinda blend in. But that's ok. That's how I like it.
That I'm annoying. How many times have I said that now? 50!?!?!?!
That I'm hot, of course. Duh.
That I'm flighty and high-strung. It's true. I am.

Question 9:How do you perceive people around you?
Errr...Not annoying? I dunno!
They only time when I think of them is when I want of need something.
Most people are friendly and caring . . . but there are those few you have to watch out for!
Calm and un-passionate.
I really try not to think abt them.....

Question 10:What are your values?
Not drinking. Not partying.
Uh....never really thought about it before....
My hot pink dress. My cow/chicken costume.
My CD player. My DVD player. My money. All the important stuff.
Morals. My family. My friends.

Question 11:What really annoys you?
Uh . . . nothing, because I'm annoying as it gets!
People who laugh at me just because I'm a little high-strung.
People who are racist . . . people who are closed minded. Liars.
People who refuse to give me what I want.
Loud people. I hate that.

Question 12:What color is your hair color? Dyed or natural.
Deep brown or black.
green? Pink? Purple? Blue? Can't remember....!
Blond or light brown.
Mousy brown.
Poopy brown

Question 13:What color would you like your eyes to be?
Either hazel or deep brown . . . maybe violet.
Green . . . no, blue . . .

Question 14:What is your favorite color?
Booger green
Orange . . . maybe red . . . no, yellow . . .

Question 15:If you could be anyone, who would you be?
I wouldn't be someone else. I like myself!
Er....Amelia Earhart? Marilyn Monroe? Justin Timberlake?
A cow! "Moo!"
If Brad Pitt has a younger brother, I'd be him. No spotlight at all.
Jennifer Garner. 'Course, she isn't as hot as I am!

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