What are you?
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What are you?

Are you a human, werewolf, vampire or alien?

Question 1:Where do you hang out?
In a dark alley
In the woods
Anywhere loud and crowded or with stuff for sale.

Question 2:What's you favorite time of day?
Whenever the full moon is out.
After school/work.
After sundown.
2-3 am.

Question 3:What is you're favorite food?
Anything you can chase down and tear apart.
Goop from a tube.
You don't eat food.
chips, candy, assorted junk.

Question 4:Your last girl/boyfriend is...
constantly leaving messages on your answering machine
always armed with a double barrel shotgun
floating in a tube of green liquid.
prowling the dark alley across the street from yours

Question 5:You're always chasing...
Anyone without AIDS.
The boy/girl next door.
Healthy specimens.

Question 6:You're always being chased by...
the CIA.
A weird guy with a pointy stick.
The US fish and wildlife Service.
Your boss/princi-not-your-pal.

Question 7:Your favorite holiday is...
Halloween: the only time you don't get thrown in a nut house for saying what you are.
St. SJUIKRHCJJUDNKI's day: the moon festivals are such fun.
Christmas: all those presents.
Halloween:so many things to chase, so little time.

Question 8:The last time you went to the dentist's was....
He hasn't let you in since you bit his hand off.
You haven't since he wanted to pull your fangs out.
When you needed to get your braces tightened.
After the landing to get some fake teeth for your disguise.

Question 9:Your Penpal lives...
in Africa or Europe.
In Transylvania.
You forgot, he hasn't written since you wrote by the light of the full moon.
On Venus.

Question 10:You have pet...
Space rat or crater worm.
Dog or cat.
You don't, you ate it.
Wolf or bat.

Question 11:In school you get...
You dropped out 200 years ago.
You were expelled for eating your math teacher.
Straight A+s.
Average, mostly.

Question 12:You spend your DAYS...
Bringing your databases up to date.
At school/work, then watch TV.
Convincing the police you didn't eat your neighbor's cow.

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