What Mythological Creature Are You?
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What Mythological Creature Are You?

Do you have the heart of a dragon? The purity and goodness of a unicorn? The firey beauty of the phoenix? Or are you something else entirely? What mythological creature are you?

Question 1:Do you believe that mythological creatures exist?
Anything is possible
I believe in them, and I think I've seen them before
I'm gonna say no, just to be annoying
Yes, and am their leader
I believe they COULD exist, but I've never seen one

Question 2:What power belonging to a mythological creature would you like to have?
Anything that would help me kill things
The ability to see the future
The power to heal
Fire powers
Ultimate power, and the intelligence to control it

Question 3:What is your favorite colour?
Green or Blue
Red, orange, yellow or pink
Brown or purple
White or gold

Question 4:What is your best quality?
Fun-loving nature

Question 5:What is your philosophy on life?
Party down, have fun!
Crush. Kill. Destroy
Always be nice to anyone who is pure of heart
Never hold back
This world is not all that there is

Question 6:How many friends do you have?
One or two good friends, but they don't know the real me
I have no friends. I killed them all, and everyone else is scared of me
I have lots of friends and enjoy being with them
I am friends with anyone who I believe is deserving
A few close friends

Question 7:What is the one thing you would never tell your friends about?
That really, really uncool thing I did on the weekend that was fun but, well, UNCOOL
There is nothing I wouldn't tell them. I am always honest.
I never tell anyone anything. Ever
I wouldn't tell them hurtful things
I am an enigma. There are many things I don't tell them, especially about myself

Question 8:If you learned that a Hero of some sort was on a quest in your mythological realm, what would you do?
Consult the stars
Have them brought to me and then decide whether to help or destroy them
Go check it out; this could be entertaining
Find them and destroy them
Aid them if their hearts were pure

Question 9:What is your favorite (non-mythological) animal?
Snake or lizard
Dog or bird

Question 10:Where is your favorite place?
A peaceful forest glade with a stream running through it
Any place where I can have fun
The highest mountain peaks
The dark
Anywhere that I can just sit and stare at the stars

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