Are You An Elf?
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Are You An Elf?

Do you have pointy ears and a strange affinity with animals? Do you climb trees like a squirrel and shoot a bow like no one else? Then maybe you're really an elf and just don't know it yet!

Question 1:Do you have pointy ears?
Question 2:Are you tall and thin?
Question 3:Do you have long hair (shoulder-length at least)?
Question 4:Have you ever shot a bow?
Question 5:Were you good at it?
Question 6:Do you enjoy reading fantasy novels about elves?
Question 7:Do you write fantasy novels about elves?
Question 8:Is your hair golden, silver or green?
Question 9:Look at your hands with your fingers together. Are they long, thin and graceful?
Question 10:Do you have pale skin?
Question 11:Do you or did you as a child enjoy climbing trees?
Question 12:Do you or have you ever had a treehouse?
Question 13:Is your favorite colour an earth tone (green, brown, etc.)?
Question 14:Do you have sharp eyes?
Question 15:Do you like animals?
Question 16:Do animals like you?
Question 17:Have you ever felt that you could communicate with animals?
Question 18:Ever talked to them?
Question 19:Had them talk back?
Question 20:Do you like walking in forests or wooded areas?
Question 21:Do you love the earth?
Question 22:Do you talk to plants?
Question 23:Do they talk back to you?
Question 24:Do you sing a lot?
Question 25:Do you write poetry or songs?

This Quiz has been designed by Karen.