What kind of mythical creature are you?
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What kind of mythical creature are you?

Are you a banshee? Or a sphinx? Find out now!

Question 1:You wake up...
Wake up??? I don't think I even sleep...
In a high place.
Every morning.
Well hidden.
Every evening.

Question 2:You eat...
Mostly ships, but whales taste great, too.
Men. Taste like chicken...
The souls of my victims.

Question 3:You enjoy...

Question 4:Your favorite color is...
Green or grey.
ummm...color...that would be...?
Red, fire red...BURN, baby, BURN I SAY!!!

Question 5:For a peaceful moment you...
Fly around where no one can touch me.
Watch something BBBUUURRRNNNN!!!!!
Watch the waves break on the beach.
Sit and be lazy.
Hover around an EMPTY dark mansion.

Question 6:Your favorite movie genre is...
Action!!! There's always something burning, and it's good for young and old alike!!!
Horror..to hear those poor, poor screams
Not sure...
I don't enjoy sitting in a dark and dirty room, surrounded by strangers, so I can watch meaningless people run about on a giant screen.

Question 7:Your little sister is being annoying and fussing while you're trying to focus...you...
Leave her stranded in an underwater cave.
BURN HER AT THE STAKE!!!! buahahaha!!!
Scream at her.
Drop her from thousands of feet in the air, but at the last second you start to feel bad, and catch her in the nick of time, then you do whatever she wants.
Try to interest her in a nice round of song; she'll be happy, and she's not half as annoying

Question 8:Your friends...
Are fun to be around.
are many! We hang around each other all the time!
hmmmm.....let me think....
Are only a few, but they're good friends.
What friends???

Question 9:How much homework do you do???
I'm homeschooled.
only what I want to do!
all of it, singing the whole time...
it doesn't matter...
half of it.

Question 10:You wear clothes that are...
Bright and sunny!
Hot and sexy.
Not dry clean only.

Question 11:You live...
In the forests.
In a huge mansion...Victorian style perhaps...
On my own private island.
In the mountains.
On the beach.

Question 12:You look like...
A HUGE squid.
A mixture of a few random animals.
A ghost, and I can even fly through walls!
A plane!!!!! no, seriously, a mix of lots of random animals.
A bird!!!

Question 13:Your favorite pet is...
a bull...
a bird!
a cat..

Question 14:You would rather go to the...
where ever there's smoke!!!

Question 15:You hate...
swimming :-O
uuummmm........nothing, really.

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