What Fantastic Fantasy Creature are you?
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What Fantastic Fantasy Creature are you?

Ever wanted to live in a fairy tale or a myth? Here's your chance!!!! Now you and your friends can compare creatures and see how mystical you really are!

Question 1:What do you do for fun?
lie around and do nothing...oh you mean you want me to DO something...well I find dictatorship quite amusing
take compassion on all the little woodland creatures and sing with the birds
FUN? I have no fun! I just kill people for the heck of it
Getting locked in a tower and being turned to stone aren't exactly fun, but I do it all the time

Question 2:What do you think of when you hear "Elektra"?
How much worse can you get???? I LIKE IT!!!!
UGH! How could monarchy go so bad? wait...sounds kinda like me...
You don't hear much when you're a statue

Question 3:What's your ideal home?
The highest room in the tallest tower works for me, but only if the dragon doesn't mess up the tapestries
A cottage in the woods where I can be carefree...ladeda!
Any HUGE castle with servants at my beck and call and LOTS of ways to rule supremely
Cave either way low or waaaay high where i can see (and strike) without being seen (or hurt!!)

Question 4:How's your education?
I've been going to finishing school since I was a little monarch
I've picked up spells that have ALL been cast on me and I'm pretty good at riddles
Being tutored by faeries is great training!
Education? Learning is unneeded by a GENIUS like me! I need time to think up devious plans!

Question 5:DRAGON!!!!
Eh, I'm used to them...practically every way I turn there's one trying to keep me from leaving
Please don't hurt me! I'm friends to ALL the animals!
COOL! Nice ride!

Question 6:Your surroundings are...
Dirt, poverty, and other things I like to grovel in while preying on people's weaknesses
Stone walls, stained glass windows, knights bones (erg lack!) and always a bouquet of fresh white roses
Nature and all its beauty
BIG castles (as in multiple) with millions of sorry little peasant figures and servants and REALLY good food

Question 7:Normal Attire?
Jewelry, crowns, and heavy robes
Black, black, and more black with a dash of scarlet for the scary thing
Peasant dresses that look great on my always-thin-no-matter-what figure
White embroidered low-cut gowns that are incredibly comfortable because I always end up sleeping in them

Question 8:What would you do if you saw the muzzle of a gun pointed at you?
What's a gun?
Have my men shoot the perpetrator before he could see well enough to aim
Get swept off my feet by a huge dragon for leaving my tower
I'D be the one with the gun!!!

Question 9:Ah love, true love....what's it to you?
That's what all the princes fall in when they see my portrait
As long as the man guarantees me a throne, I can't help but love him!
Love? Wussat?
I dream about it all the time...somehow he always is VERY rich and VERY naive

Question 10:Books?
French, Latin, How To Be a Dictator...
Evil For Dummies
Magic and spells and a little bit of grammar
Not much to read when you're a statue lying on a bed

Question 11:Food?
Roast Venison, peacock, boar, and marzipan
Vegetables...how could anybody eat those sweet little deer and cows?
Statues and enchanted maidens don't eat
I cook myself...peasant, evil-person food

Question 12:Movie?
The Princess Bride; soooo romantic
JAWS; horror, yay!
Shrek; the princess sounds like ME!
Lord of the Rings: kings, like people should have

Question 13:Pets?
Dragon, but it's more like I'm HIS pet
Little birds and squirrels and chippymunks!
The royal greyhound
lions, I get that sick of all intruders!

Question 14:Too many questions for you?
Monarchy always has time to spare
Life is boring so why not take a long quiz?
YES!!!! I need more time for devious plans!!
A few, but since I'm so nice, I'll be fine

Question 15:One more though. What do you wish you were?
Rich and powerful.
evil...evil is fun!
Beautiful...so beautiful that everyone falls for me the instant they see me
Free: no school, no work, no need for money...

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