What mythological creature are you?
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What mythological creature are you?

Find your medieval alter-ego.

Question 1:   If you found $100 dollars lying on the ground, what would you do with it?
Keep it for myself, of course!
Keep it for myself, but feel slightly guilty.
Deposit it quietly and anonymously into the lap of a needy person.
I resent the idea of society that revolves around money.

Question 2:   If you wrote, produced and directed a movie, what would it be like?
A film examining the state of the world.
Abstract, colorful, and uplifting.
Dramatic, violent, and sad.
Filled with violence!

Question 3:   Your friends count on you to be the:
I don't need any friends.
Spiritual, artistic type.
I don't have any friends.
Quiet, deep thinking individual.

Question 4:   Describe your ultimate home:
A perfect hideout to store all of my precious possessions.
Just normal.....
Simple and modern, with lots of skylights so I can see the stars at night.
Close to nature, with an open architectural design.

Question 5:   What kind of music do you like?
New age, adult contemporary, techno....a lot of different things....
heavy metal

Question 6:   Your ultimate lover would be:
A wise but humble person.
Someone who accepts me--even with all my faults.
Someone beautiful who I can control.
A fiery, tortured soul who needs my healing.

Question 7:   Your favorite means of transportation is:
A fast car.
The train.
Flying, of course! It's the best way to get ahead.

Question 8:   In school, you were:
The one who went to Harvard.
The most popular girl/The bully
The dreamer who was both one step before, and one step behind everyone else.
The loner.

Question 9:   You excel at:
Art/creative thinking.
Challenges of the spirit and the mind.
Nothing much.

Question 10:   What is the conflict you represent?
The blending of life and death.
Trying to bring unity and peace to the world.
The evil that I cannot control, buried in the good you wouldn't expect.
Trying desperately to hold onto life.

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