What fictional character are you?
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What fictional character are you?

Take this test to find out!

Question 1:   Which SURVIVOR season did you like best?
Survivor 1
Survivor - Australian Outback
Survivor Africa
Survivor Amazon
Survivor Thailand

Question 2:   Which is your favorite home appliance?

Question 3:   What style is closest to what you wear?
Sleek and classic - Jeans, and a top
Punk - Skater sneaks and baggy clothes
Romantic - A flowery top and a flowing skirt
Preppy - A polo shirt and kakis
Ghetto - A big floppy hat and a big floppy coat

Question 4:   What is your ideal vacation?
To the tropics for a week of relaxing and sunbathing.
Mountain climing in the Alps
Hitch-Hiking across Europe
Partying in New Orleans
Camping with your family in Wisconsin

Question 5:   What is closest to your ideal Halloween costume?
A Clown
A Football player
An usher at the movie theatre
A Pimp
A traditional black cat

Question 6:   What is your favorite shape?
A star
A circle
An oval
A rectangle
A heart

Question 7:   What is your dream job?
A Sales manager at Saks Fifth Avenue
A lawyer for Saks Fifth Avenue
A cashier for Saks Fifth Avenue
A product manager at Saks Fifth Avenue
A designer at Saks Fifth Avenue

Question 8:   You're approached with a problem - You go downtown to a clothing store and pick out a $120 top for your best friend. You weren't sure if it would fit her but the clerk said you could within 30 days. The next day you return to the store because it didn't fit them. There is a different clerk there and she says that it is unreturnable. What do you do?
Keep the shirt and find someone else to give it to.
Put up a big fuss about what the other clerk said until the security guy has to haul you out of the store.
Politely say that the other clerk said you could bring it back and ask if you can see the manager.
Shoot the clerk and rob the store
Shrug it off.

Question 9:   What is your favorite type of weather?
Sun so I can suntan!
Snow for day long cross-country ski trips and snowball fights!
Rain- I'm a hopeless romantic!
I don't really watch the weather.
Wind so I can take my family wind-surfing or kite flying.

Question 10:   Last but not least, if you could do over any room in your house what would it be?
Bedroom - I need a new bed!
Backyard - I want to put in a swimming pool and a tennis court.
Bathroom -I want to put in a Jacuzzi tub for long bubble baths.
Kitchen -I want to put in some new food!
Family room - I need a new space where every can relax.

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