What Mythical Creature Are You?
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What Mythical Creature Are You?

Have you ever wondered what mythical creature you are? (Or more accurately, have you ever wished that someone would compare you to a mythical creature?) Here you can find out if you resemble the shimmering fairy, the fierce gryphon, the mystical phoenix, or the silent sphinx…

Question 1:   When someone calls on you to answer a question, you…
give them the right answer, but conceal it within an impenetrable riddle
laugh and turn them into a butterfly
give the right answer
look at them blankly, like “Ask the next doofus”

Question 2:   Your favorite color…
grey, color of eternal wisdom
pale blue or pink *giggle, giggle*
black. That’s all there is.
red, like new dawn

Question 3:   Your friends are…
numerous, and fashionable
what is friendship but weak humans who cling together in hopes of solace?
all optimists
evil, fierce, and vicious

Question 4:   What your friends would say about you …
you’re undefeatable!
nothing gets you down!
as I say nothing about them, they in turn say the same of me
you’re stylish and popular but what a temper!

Question 5:   Your element…

Question 6:   Your favorite saying…
Don’t mess with me! grrrrrrr
I rule!
You tell me.
Oh yesssssss, I see…*giggle, giggle*

Question 7:   Your hobby…
defending your territory!
anything fun and positive!

Question 8:   Your ideal home…
a dark cave
the home does not make the man
anywhere, it doesn’t really matter
a beautiful place, with waterfalls and flowers

Question 9:   If you could have any one pet…
it would be something colorful and delicate, like a butterfly
oh, I’d take any pet that I pick up along the way
it would be something with a fiery spirit and untamable strength…how about a tiger?
pets bore me

Question 10:   Your dream is to…
learn new things and have the best life possible
I have no dreams
be popular and adored by all…wait, that’s how it is already!
to become the ultimate warrior

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