What Fantasy Creature Are You?

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I can't really say this quiz is terribly accurate, but have fun anyway! Hopefully it will tell you what creature from common fantasy stories you most identify with!

  • 1
    The sun is rising, and you wake up…but there is no food on the table! Your first thought is:
  • 2
    Now that you have eaten, you can begin your day and do…er…what you do. What is it you do again?
  • 3
    You are walking along the path on your way to do…whatever it is that you do…when you come across a cloaked, elderly man who appears to need assistance. You:

  • 4
    Lo and behold! The man removes his hood and it appears he is actually the reincarnation of an ancient Druid reborn as a wizard! He has a great task for you, if you choose to accept.
  • 5
    Apparently, the old wizard believes that some kid is the future High King who needs protection. The great Seers have glimpsed a great future for the boy…er, Arthur something…Point is, there’s gold involved.
  • 6
    You begin your journey, and along the way the wizard allows you to bring two trustworthy companions. Ideally you choose:

  • 7
    The sun begins to set. You need to find a good place to sleep. You choose:
  • 8
    Morning comes. You and your companions set off once more until finally you reach the castle where the kid lives. But he’s being held hostage. What is your strategy?
  • 9
    At last, your plan succeeds (after much toiling). You reach the dungeons where the boy is captive and set him free. To thank you, he proclaims that you shall be his right hand man when he ascends to the throne. Your reaction is:
  • 10
    On the way to safety, it appears there is a young maiden in danger! She is tied to a tree, awaiting her doom by the hand of whatever creature has captured her! Your thoughts:

  • 11
    You’ve saved the maiden, and foiled the evil beast’s plan. Finally, you return to the castle, having brought the boy and the maiden to safety. They are eternally grateful. You may now return home.

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