Do you have a good chance of being a vampire?
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Do you have a good chance of being a vampire?

Are you really a vampire... underneath all that human flesh and that image of a perfectly normal human? Find out here!

Question 1:Do your wounds tend to heal quickly? (like within thirty seconds or less?)
Question 2:Do you wear a lot of black?
Question 3:Are your incisors rather large and pointy?
Question 4:Do you like the darkness?
Question 5:Do you write depressing/dark poetry/songs?
Question 6:When you look at Ozzy Osbourne, do you tend to remember those times when he bit the head off of a bat and/or a dove?
Question 7:Have you ever drank blood?
Question 8:Do you want to drink blood?
Question 9:Have you read one of Anne Rice's vampire novels? (or more?)
Question 10:Do you enjoy reading novels by Stephen King?
Question 11:Do you adore serial killers?
Question 12:Have you ever bitten someone?
Question 13:When you greet someone, do you first notice any place on their body with pulsating veins?
Question 14:Have you ever listened to the Cure?
Question 15:Do you have a strange liking for the lead singer?
Question 16:Would you ever live in a torture chamber?
Question 17:Do you already?
Question 18:Are you afraid to go out in the sun?
Question 19:Do you enjoy watching violent movies?
Question 20:Do you know anyone who might be a vampire?
Question 21:Are they a vampire?
Question 22:Are you anti-social?
Question 23:Do you like the underground vibe?
Question 24:Do you like going to funerals?
Question 25:Are you immortal?
Question 26:Does your skin burn easily?
Question 27:Does your skin burn when a cross is reflected upon it?
Question 28:Is your skin pale?
Question 29:Does your skin burn under holy water?
Question 30:Last of all, would you or have you ever burned a cross/country's flag/stake?

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