Am I A Vampire? Quiz

You might not believe in them... yet! But I am here to tell you that vampires are definitely real... and you might even be one yourself!

Take this quiz and answer truthfully. You might actually be surprised what you learn about your vampire tendencies!

  • 1
    When you look at someone, do you sometimes start to feel a little thirsty?
    When you look at someone, do you sometimes start to feel a little thirsty?
  • 2
    Do you fall asleep quickly?
  • 3
    When you get a cut, and see the blood, are you thirsty?

  • 4
    Are you tired most of the day?
  • 5
    Do you like dark, tight spaces?
  • 6
    What time is it right now?

  • 7
    Are you usually tired at this time of day?
  • 8
    Why do you want to know if you are a vampire?
  • 9
    Are you always thirsty?
  • 10
    Will you message me?

Comments (263)


55 days ago
I knew I was a vampire
94 days ago
Well I guess I was right as I have always wondered why I was so thirst like for me to realize I'm full I would have to drink every last drink possible so there's 1 and the sun burning thing is true so there's 2 now silver and holy water I'd say no thanks

PS. I am 11 Years old
160 days ago
ah ha, I knew it I am a I can start treating myself better
210 days ago
I'm a vampire! Like I thought. Also, I don't know why we wouldn't be able to go in the sun. And I don't think most vampires would sleep in coffins, because most people probably wouldn't want another reminder they're dead (I sure wouldn't). Stakes, I get. The garlic/holy water things just seem weird to me. And I think blood tastes good, so I guess that part's pretty accurate. I'm 12, BTW.
249 days ago
I'm a vampire! Weirdly, I actually like the taste of blood. I'm not a psycho, if that's what you're thinking.
310 days ago
So nothing new. I'm not a vampire and I'm disgusted by vampires. Be they real or figurative ones (which are more real than the former).
349 days ago
I took wolf quizzes and all of the answers were wolf and I took this quiz and I am vampire!
397 days ago
I am a full vampire since I have looked at a full moon or blood moon or wolf and vampire rain moon and my mother is the vampire queen but my father isn't but is still the king
401 days ago
vampires can go in sunlight so a myth is when people say we can't go in sunlight and we don't get that pale and your fangs grow as full moons come on also be ready for the next blood moon vampire usly go on blood lust and onls the wolf moon there's fighting
425 days ago
vampires can go in sunlight so a myth is when people say we can't go in sunlight
vampire's has many abilities like we can run fast teleport hear things from far mind compulsion aka making people do what we say and we also have humanity if you don't know what some of the ability are searched it up on google
425 days ago
so um i drank blood and liked it don't worry it was my friends blood and she is a vampire to also are we immortal
425 days ago
i am a vampire my mom is to
513 days ago
I don't find about If I am real vampire or not
539 days ago
I hope i am but at the same time not because i go to a night school and that can be bad because if i am a vampire I will kill a lot of school is scared of me so they all call me shadow so that is out i go by now because I am really fast love blood and i get in to fights so i still i am a vampire.
712 days ago
Am I A Vampire?
For 90% you are: So are you a vampire? Yes! You are - just like me! Congratulations! You had best keep out of the sun, stay away from people carrying tent stakes, do some feeding habit research on vampires, and sleep a bit in the day!
64% of 69140 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A
722 days ago
I am 95% I have taken all test and the results are the same
I can't believe this I am telling the truth
739 days ago
Haha 60% im also dark and evil and lord help me i want to actually be a vampire
740 days ago
Please some body helps me i dont what should i do ..?
Im not myself when i see blood i wanna drink it like a cola and never give up or my skin .... etc
There is a lot of things i can tell
Some bodys help me
779 days ago
i did this quiz because im always so pale like very day and im not sick also i have rare eyes can be evil
781 days ago
I knew it i'm a vampire. But where do I get blood because i've been drinking my own blood.