What would happen if you were taken by a vampire?

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  • 1
    You wake up in a strange room with a cute but creepy dude looking over you. You...
  • 2
    He lifts you up and stands you in front of him. You...
  • 3
    He leaves the room. He comes back with a green liquid in a black glass. The dude gestures for you to drink it. You...

  • 4
    He leaves the room and locks the door behind him. What do you think of him?
  • 5
    He comes back in. "Hello (says your name) I didn't want to scare you but I had to bring you here." You...
  • 6
    "Yes I speak" he replies "I am Alfie and I will be looking after you for... let's just say a while." You...

  • 7
    Alfie puts his hand on your head and you instantly fall asleep. You dream of...
  • 8
    You wake up and he is gone. He has left a note saying he has gone to a meeting and will be back soon. You...
  • 9
    After a few weeks you fall for him. You hate all the secrets he keeps from you but you love him. You...
  • 10
    A year later you are a couple. He has to turn you into a vampire to stay with you. You...

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760 days ago
1545 days ago
This is messed up. My family and friends are probably SO worried
1718 days ago
@Alex, exactly! I might be a vampire, I'm not sure, but I would stay with my family until it is too dangerous for them.
1924 days ago
NOBODY can forget their family just because they made some friend.