Are you a vampire?
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Are you a vampire?

Have you ever wondered if your a vampire? or if you'd make a good vampire well here's how you find out...

Question 1:What's your favorite color clothing?
pink or blue
I don't wear any!!!!
Doesn't really matter much
Black or red

Question 2:Have you ever been bitten by another person?
all the time
That was my girlfriend
I think so but I don't remember
that was my boyfriend

Question 3:Do you like the dark?
Love it
I'm scared of it
I love the sun...

Question 4:Can you fly?
all the time
Does falling count?
Vampires don't fly...Duh

Question 5:Do you go to church?
Yes I love it
Only because my parents make me
No church scares me

Question 6:Did you lose your appetite watching Hannible?
It was scary
Never seen it I like chick flicks
No it was funny, but I could have done better
Hannible who???

Question 7:Do you have a problem with running water?
Yes... I hate it
Do I look like Dracula to you???
No most vampire's don't

Question 8:Have you ever bit anyone?
No freak
yeah but he started it
Yeah but only when I hungry

Question 9:Do you scare people?
No everyone likes me
Yeah but thats because I dress funny
Sometimes, most of the time

Question 10:How do people react when you smile at them?
they run away screaming
they smile back of course
They yell at me
They smile back nervously

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