Are you a werewolf?

Some of us are crazy, some get nuts when they smell fresh blood...and in some of us there's a wolf sleeping...

Question 1:Do you know when it's fullmoon?
Yeah, its when I can't sleep because of the light...
Yes, yes...its when I became...I you know what I mean?
It's when I feel a little bit strange and when I had too much for supper...
No, I don't mind

Question 2:What do you prefer?
A big warm gulp of blood....
Fast Food..I have a wild animal in me!!!!!
Flesh, yummy....and entrails..but I'd like a fresh, bleeding heart best if it's ok...
Oh...some raw flesh...a bloody steak or something..I'm too lazy for cooking

Question 3:Where do you want to live -as a werewolf-?
Deep in the woods.(isn't there a movie called like this)..howling and hunting with the other wolves (
In town, where I live now...with all the nice chicks/boys all around me...*slobber*
Oh, I don't know....when I change to a wolf I wouldn't like to sit in a cinema or something
Maybe in a cave....

Question 4:What's your favourite animal? (Not to eat-just your favourite animal..)
Wolf of course!!

Question 5:What's your favourite color?
Black like berryvodka!
Green like my face after a beer bong!
Blue like the sky when I wake up after a long long party!
Pink like Barby!
Brown like the fur of my girl/boyfriend!

Question 6:What do you feel before the moon comes out?
I feel like I should have another beer!!
I should get outside...should ...kill somebody...should eat..
Like when I've explosive diarrhoea...
Ok, if you ask me another silly question like that I'll make you the wolf, honey!

Question 7:Is there something strange with you?
Oh, come on...I'm the strangest person ever
My eyebrows are one line, I've a lot of hair and my fingernails are very long and sharp!
My ears are a little bit sharp...but don't judge me for this!!!!!!!
Yeah, I've a very long, big...Nose!

Question 8:What's your hair colored?
Blonde, Red

Question 9:What's your favourite movie:
American Werwolf/Wolf/Bad Moon/American Werwolf in Paris
The Thing/The Blob/Tarantula/Godzilla
Scream/I know what you did last summer/Scary Movie
Halloween/Nightmare on Elm Street/Friday 13th

Question 10:Last question:You wake up, naked under a tree not far from your house: what do you think?
Oh no, not again: too much alcohol last night!!
Oh no, became a wolf again!!
What? What happened? Why I'm full with blood...aarrggh!!!!
Yeah, that's mates and me...crazy people..

This Quiz has been designed by lynn.