Are you a Werewolf?
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Are you a Werewolf?

This is the real deal. Once and for all... find out if you are truly a werewolf! So answer truthfully and you will be judged.

Question 1:What is your food of choice?
Medium rare salsbury steak.
The heart of a small child or baby.
Mc Donalds or other hamburger place.
Soup (non-meat) and salad.

Question 2:What is your favorite werewolf movie?
The Howling (because the werewolf kills a whole bunch of people)
An American Werewolf in London (because the werewolf dies in the end)
I don't like horror movies (because I am a freaking wimp that eats soup with no meat and salad all day)
An American werewolf in Paris (because the werewolf is cured and lives happily ever after with the one he loves)

Question 3:What is your favorite thing to do during a full moon?
Sit and watch TV.
Isn't the full moon supposed to make people crazy?
Feast on death and destruction in my werewolf form.
Run peacefully in the woods catching a rabbit along the way.

Question 4:Waking up one morning you discover your sheets covered in something... what is it?
Dried Blood!
Cookie Crumbs.
Salad leaves.

Question 5:Have you ever growled at someone you did not like?
Yes, but they really bothered me
No... that would be crazy.
I don't growl that would be giving too much warning before I bit them.
Only when they tried to take away my snacks.

Question 6:What is the technical name for a werewolf?
Canus lupis
The ugly beast thing.
Who cares? I just want to kill people!

Question 7:What is the technical name for a mental werewolf?
There are mental werewolves?
Screw mental! I am all physical!
Ok, this test is dumb,I am going to get a salad.

Question 8:Do you like nature?
What? I can't hear you! I am getting a salad!
Yes, nature should be protected and loved.
Is that the stuff I see on the discovery channel?
I don't care. I just rush through it to catch my prey. A small human child...

Question 9:What do you think of werewolves?
They are cool to watch on tv.
They have nothing to do with salads.
They are my brethren.
I would not kill them.

Question 10:Do you think you would make a good werewolf?
Yes, I love nature and respect the natural law.
Yes! I am really good at killing things!
No, I'll stick to my salad.
No, I would get killed to much.

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