Are You A True Werewolf?

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Take this test to see if you’re a true werewolf.

  • 1
    What is your favorite food from the ones below?
  • 2
    How do you walk?
  • 3
    What are your dreams about?

  • 4
  • 5
    Halfway done! Whatcha thank?
  • 6
    Can you tell if there is a full moon without looking for it? (Internet counts as looking)

  • 7
    How do you feel on a New Moon?
  • 8
    What animal spirit do you think guides you?
  • 9
    You see someone you've seen around (or a stranger) in a fight or something like that, what do you do?
  • 10
    Last question. You glad?

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and I am a leader of a pack I could have hunted now
I feel like I’m going to howl or kill a deer or a bunny 😈 🐺
3 days ago
i came here to communicate with other werewolves
4 days ago
Whoever made this did so 7 years ago. and for most werewolves, they do not actually care about the accuracy of this test, or if the questions are even serious at all. most of us get here while they already know they are a werewolf ofcource. that they see the test as a exaturated joke is more fun than insult if you know the truth well enough. also it seems to still work to attract werewolves which in term use it as a discussion point.
So welcome to the discussion Bernhard and others.
A cousin of me is vegan, so I know for sure we indeed can behave all different.
my entire family gets tired on the new moon and is jumpy/excited at full moon. ofcource there are differences, some have it a lot while for others it is hard to notice. and ofcource other events play part in it such as astreoids, commets, and if you know fae druidism(the old type of singlair druidism where one sees all as friends and equal, but where one does not live, just be free) the "second moon" which shows itself mostly in those inter dimensionaldrops.

Bernhard, your name has a interesing feel to it.
8 days ago
This is some nonsense lmao. How old is the maker of this test? Real werewolves are hard to snuff out in human form. We definitely don't act like hungry dogs all the time, and the pull off the moon differs per individual.
8 days ago
That moment you thought you where sick only to discover it was new moon.
8 days ago
Many if not most magical creatures don't act predatory towards eachother but rather interested, or as if they are already friends(which they perhaps kind of are even if you don't know it yet). in general fun is concidered quite important.
8 days ago
the siren kept touching me, trying to see if i would grow fur, she seemed disappointed that i didnt turn into a wolf, and i was confused because the siren seemed to have no predatory instincts.
9 days ago
What did happen?
Most magical creatures are good just like us.
9 days ago
i generally just stay out of the way of most things that aren't werewolves or humans, but i have had a run in with a siren once, strange creatures, but i guess they would say the same about us
10 days ago
darkness, I see. they would also depict a bad image of us by behaving so humanlike. I personally do however beleive that humans should not mistreat or dictate us. but the dictation part I blame on their systems which they are also victim of. and the mistreating might be solved by preventing the general humans from being controlled by the evil ones as well as making them see us as friends.

As for my opinion on other beings that humans would call magical. I tend to have a direct love(as in friendship)/interest for most of them and tend to feel protective about most of them. however if one tries to take things from another, abuse/misuse another or limits someones freedom, power, tallents, self, etc. that that connection and respect might verry well be in reverse. however what do you mean exactly with your question.
10 days ago
Dashing things rarely are like in the movies but if you want to better your time talent than for your specific slowdown talent you can just train it. like most talents you should learn to feal it and know it works rather than try to force it. in my experience going back is one of the most simple versions of time controll. in a way like a sudden jump. this can be triggered by emotions at random as a defensive reaction or when you want to have fun with it. in my experience it mainly triggers when your mind thinks a lot about time and when you enjoy it. for propper control I can however not give advice because for me most things go chaotically and rather uncontrolled most times. if you find advice for getting it more stable that would be great and interesting. also time powers other than slowing down or speeding up should be used for fun or survival. not for human reasons. well for practice can be great to. just don't use it for things that go against magic itself.
also once you get closer to Time you will most likely see things like I do or eventually you will.however I do not know of creatures out of a verry speciffic case that do things like thatt. so it is best to keep Time a friend and not try to take things frome it.
10 days ago
i kept it covered up, one with a chest wound i stuck his corpse on a stone spike and it looked to be a horrible climbing accident, another was choked so i threw the corpse in a river and it rotted until signs of her being choked dissapeared for the most part, i hate disturbing bodies, i believe it is disrespectful to the dead, but it must be done, i need to cover the real reason for the killings, as for their motive, one werewolf decided we were above humans, and that we should rule them, not them dictate us, how they gained followers is unknown, but they did, so he began to kill humans to show their weakness, he was annoyed that the bodies kept dissapearing, he wanted to display them, i was also considered an enemy to the werewolves, i had to go into hiding, i could take on a pack, but not a population, i eventually came back out of hiding, killed a few of them, which is unfortunately what i had to do, and then killed the ringleader, but the scars are still there, both the physical and emotional ones, i have a question, what are your opinions on other beings that humans would consider mag
11 days ago
Y'all killing the vibe but that makes me want to learn more with my time talent
11 days ago
I heard that about you and your pack.
however I don't mean to show weakness, but rather fake it either as a trap or in the case where you think it is interesting/are bored. I wouldn't recommend becoming weak for real or pretend being weak for to long. also you must be lucky to not have those around you like standard human games.
I didn't however know about British packs attacking humans in the recent years. what where their motives?
also the feeling of hurting things you don't want to (have )hurt, and the part where everything you remember and all you know seem to disapear are familiar to me. when you are the only one who still remembers/left to remember. especially when Time grows older you start to notice how short most things last. however I won't go those things from my side since they are rather complicated and I would say a lot less sad than your story.
Especially in your case, about what the reason is your pack died out. even if someone is determined to kill you, it is a hard feeling of pain to have killed them if they even somehow feel like potential friends, equals, etc. and especially if the where your friends, family, or pack. sometimes you. well as time passes you might find your reputation becomes a legend, and the legends are forgotten to only sometimes leave a twisted story.
11 days ago
i don't show weakness, i never really play games, only things i really do for my personal pleasure these days are walk in the forest and play chess, only game i play, i feel like if i showed weakness the few other werewolves in britain would jump on the opportunity to attack me, and i want to avoid fight when possible, i am not a popular character among the british werewolves, i killed a couple packs when they started attacking humans unprovoked, i am now a lone wolf, my pack died out eight years ago and ive been alone since, i have a sad life, i have made decisions i regret and i have hurt people i didnt want to hurt, but sometimes you just have to take the punches, i miss having a pack, i enjoyed mock fighting and joking around with my packmates
14 days ago
For that problem I already have a solution, what I do often is kind of like acting in a game way, where you basically kind of pretend to be weaker and/or have certain weaknesses. if you do it well enough than you can get the feelings and chalanges a "normal"l person would have. and with normal I mean weaker. however I do not agree with the part that life should be more fun when you don't know. since if you ever play weaker you might soon after a few days notice that that gets boring, and for someone like us that would mean just stopping to pretend those limits, or try other combinations. the thing is with all those extra things we get the potentional to do, think and reach more. people who don't know things, or who are incapable of them also beleive to have no chalange, because the things we see as possible chalanges for them in their minds are either to hard or impossible, or most likely to them it does not exist. we all have a lot of challanges to reach. the thing is to find and dare to atempt or reach them.
never wish to be less than yourself or not be yourself. all of us have a challange and it doesn't compare to others. also never try to make others less than they are.

for those who do not understand or who have tighter margins, than if you where unlucky enough to play a modern online multiplayer game in which you couldn't use proper hacks without hacking the datacenter. than you know how irritating it is that those characters can not do anything and what they can is often at a low level. this is a more extreme case than the one I described above where you act it yourself. but in games those incapabilities manage to be really irritating ofren and to get you bored fast.
15 days ago
Fair point it's not fun if you can beat everyone or solve every problem on 2 seconds because then there's no skill and no challenge
15 days ago
Life is more fun when you don't know whats in it
17 days ago
I can also agree with what darkness said, I always seek new things to find a more complex reality.