Are You A True Werewolf?

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Take this test to see if you’re a true werewolf.

  • 1
    What is your favorite food from the ones below?
  • 2
    How do you walk?
  • 3
    What are your dreams about?

  • 4
  • 5
    Halfway done! Whatcha thank?
  • 6
    Can you tell if there is a full moon without looking for it? (Internet counts as looking)

  • 7
    How do you feel on a New Moon?
  • 8
    What animal spirit do you think guides you?
  • 9
    You see someone you've seen around (or a stranger) in a fight or something like that, what do you do?
  • 10
    Last question. You glad?

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8 hours ago
I realized that my instincts and power's have gotten a lot stronger from 3years ago even though it can be very hard to control I still try to take control of my powers..
10 hours ago
I think it's crazy sometimes that I'm the only werewolf in my family, and even though it's hard I've been trying to get more in touch with my wolf side and when I do that I feel free, as if the chains come off and I'm sit free, I just start to run in the woods and let the earth take me where I want to go, even though sometimes I wish I had someone else who is a werewolf around me, so I wouldn't feel like a loner, I guess you could say I'm alone wolf, wow never thought I would actually try to get close to my wolf side and trying to accept it, non of my family knows I'm a werewolf but my brother, even though we pick on each other and play around like little kids from time to time we still look out for each other..
14 hours ago
Hey Dany v l thank you for your loyal words they really touched my heart, and my sister was killed at a school shooting, and I'll be sure to take your advice so thanks man, anyways Later
getting killed now doesn't solve any problems and would just hurt her more. this world works strange and cruel in real freedom one could overwrite it but that is what this world and society tries to prevent and avoid. if you truly have no goals or dreams and the promise only meant to keep going with live, then try to reach/do that goal of true freedom on command to get back what you love and lost. both of which are possible, I just don't know how to do it on command or just any way different than instinct and when really excited.

but whatever you'll do and choose to do, is up to you and what you dare and dare not to try, do, accept, beleive in, hold on to, etc. whatever you choose I hope it makes both of you happy or reach important things and to show the respect your feeling shows you you should give.
Hi Dylan
was it at school? or something else like werewolf related.

sadly I don't know how to prevent or make susch things undone on command, neither how to take away the pain. the last thing however is something I wouldn't want to do, since the pain is a expression of your love.

however I do know that alcohol most likely isn't the best thing to do a lot even if you handle it better than humans do. as mentioned the pain you feel is the love you had and have for her(things like friendship and attachment are also concidered love here since it is the same emotion, so don't confuse it with human fake love which only revolves around ownership, I am talking about real love like in friendship).
you said she told you to to always keep going no matter what.
when you use alcohol to suppress your emotions you are hiding yourself and so not going, instead you are trying to pause yourself.
the best thing to do it to go to a silent place like your bed and just let all your emotions go, and then know that it is a good thing if you cry. and this is not something you'll only do once, just do it whenever you feel like it and know that the pain you feel is love.

there also must be things she knew about you or which she would like you to be capable of doing. focus on those and those words she told you and instead of alcohol to supress it, carry her as a drive to train far beyond what any human is capable of, even far beyond most werewolves. because that is what it means to keep going. not just staying alive, but becoming something far beyond what most deem "impossible" or having a dream or dream/goal to follow.

so instead of turning into a void like humans do when they have bad things happen follow your dreams and goals. I am quite positive she didn't mean "turn into a barely living void" when she said keep going no matter what. so keep your promise and go far beyond what you promised.
Sometimes I just drink alcohol to left the pain from the lost of my sister, sometimes I think it should had been me that got killed
Dany v l Thanks she was shot, that's how my sister died, if only I could see her one more time, and thanks for your loyal words anyways Later ✌️ I'll be sure to take your advice
Hi Rodney. what specifically do you want to know? most recently discussed stuf was mostly to help people see that it is good to be a werewolf and that they should train it more and not follow human judgement over us. it is basically to show them that being a werewolf doesn't make you a evil monster but instead actually makes your judgement more valid and pure.
also some things about training tallents some things that happened, something I forget to mention here. people having problems with humans like humans not accepting them or annoying humans either being anoying or asking for all kind of stuff wiothout even accepting us, etc.

how did you do? anything new? etc.
I have some new things but feel like I shouldn't discus those here atleast not now and not directly if you get what I mean.
Hi Dylan, sorry to hear that. what happened and why?
there is no need to feel embarrassed for acting like a dog or wolf, you should be more embarrassed about feeling embarrassed about it. instinct and fun are more important than the judgement of people. what value has judgement if there is no fun or gain to gain from it. don't let people hold you back because they think things should be "normal". instead judge things by yourself and just focus on what you judge to be most fun or feel the best.
4 days ago
Hi guys I've been gone for a while so I would like to catch up😁
5 days ago
Last night was so embarrassing because I kept acting like a dog I hate when that happens
8 days ago
Ps I lost my little sister luna
8 days ago
Hey Dany v l thank you for your loyal words and advice I'll be sure to take your advice, you know something I've just realized something I have a good life yeah I lost my girlfriend friend and my mother figure and my grandma and been through sever pain and I've gotten to were I drink but I still have a lot to be thankful for at least I'm still alive and healthy even though a lot of stuff kick's my💗but just gotta keep going I promised my little sister that I will always keep going know matter what and I'm gonna keep that promise to her
Fare well my little sister Luna
10 days ago
Hi Dylan, welcome back.
seems like we both went hidden in isolated places for a similar time at the same moment.
it is going great with me, and I am feeling great. the moon is very nice and pretty.
I also feel very excited and restless lately especially the evenings so I guess I will be a lot outside soon, even more. I also really want to learn more stuff again, just feel like it. kind of want a challenge and going to get that as well, because it is coming to me quite soon.

how are you doing, did you learn or do something, any ideas for training and such etc.
10 days ago
I. A real were wolf, you have no need to prove things to them most likely, but what things can you do already? also if you want them to beleive then hide it from them rather than telling and showing them. if you hide it from them but make it hidden bad on purpose they will notice you are hiding something and something is going on. you can do some werewolf things(werewolf things humans can't really do are best but things like being super strong, fast despite apearance etc. also work) and just regularly show some of your actual traits as wellthat way they figure it out themself and you don't get those annoying "you need to prove it" people, since those in general don't really have much value anyway.
they will know it once they need to know it in general.
if you still plan on showing them then I recommend you to first take direct contact with me so I can help you prevent things from going wrong(humans can be quite evil) and to help you if things go wrong, having some others like us will also help you.
you can also reffer them directly to me, while I won't show them and preffer to not even go face to face with such humans I might be able to help them see that their question doesn't make sense from our side and so that they are being rather rude and selfish. perhaps I can even teach them how to see or find ones who are possibly worthy of being real friends/know.

also one thing you can try, while I did not test this one so for anyone reading this I would love to know your feedback and experience. but I have never tried to turn someone, neither do I know about someone turning someone from direct k nowledge, because in my case I know me and others who are born as one or otherwise got it so young that it basically is natural. I do have experience with awakening those like use which I have done a lot, which is basically kind of like turning one in results but it relies on someone already being like us and just awakening them so that their tallents and such get active and that their instincts and such also get active, but in essense they already are werewolf in reality, they just never really where open to it and never where one with themselves. but there are tons of stories of someone turning someone in some of us using things like a bite, scratch etc. or special things using blood. so my question is are those real and how to do them?, for those who don't know perhaps you come at a moment to try it out and see if it works. some also say if werewolves do it at eachother it improves them both since they both get eachothers tallents but only heard a few people saying this and never tried any such things.
but if you can change people like that to become like us and/or find a way(and please let it know here since it might be usefull once to be able to have more of us if we find propper people). but if you find a way to do it or know how it works then you can also instead of proving it tell someone who is worthy to let itself be turned and if they say they don't want you can tell them that they don't beleive it, so should have no problem with it, then after that you have someone like you to help you. but make sure to only do it on people who are like us or have tallents, or who are truly worthy and who would be capable of handling it and so who won't go after you and all of us because of it.
10 days ago
Dylan, I know kind of what you feel, had something similar just a few days ago, in my case it was because I went to a place with many humans and when I saw and noticed all they did and hear all they talked and such it just made me realize a lot how super hollow they all felt to me, and how much I want to do my own things and be free but which is restrained by them because they only accept people who atleast seem as hollow as them. felt kind of like being trapped, not by a cage, but by humans where they are the cage kind of forcing you to hide because otherwise they will come all together to kill you. I also really felt like running and doing things and break things or break them on accident because I don't want to pretend to be weak. I want to feel some challange, rush, test my strength and improve it. I want to run, go after something, learn etc.

perhaps the things you hid for her, you also hid from yourself and now she is gone those feelings come up again. see it on the positive, when in that state for a while you greatly increase your chance of doing things accidental and getting accidental transformations and such which lead to better controll eventually and above all a lot more fun, because the pain you feel is caused by yourself, and it is you wanting to escape that prisson most likely.

you can go to her and ask her why she doesn't like werewolves if she really means a lot to you still. otherwise see it as a chance to become more free and more true to your instincts and use that drive to train and do things then eventualy find something or someone more suited of you if you ever feel like that again.
10 days ago
I. A real were wolf there is hardly any need to prove something to people, think about this, what would you gain from proving them and what would you risk and what would you possibly lose. often you only get the bragging right from proving it to people, braging about it to people who have no real value towards that side of you/your tallents in general has no real value. some people will turn crackpot when they realise that what you told them or suggested many times is real, many who seem kind of open but constantly keep saying things like that you aren't one are actually quite dangerous because they are most likely to turn crackpot after figuring out that that what they denied for so long is actually real. they can even be more dangerous than many of those people who actually hate us or try to hunt us, or prove to others or the world that we are real(often in the way of sayiing we are monsters). because those people that turn crackpot can be very likely in my experience to then want to absolutely destroy(kill) you no mather what so that they can go back to their old beleives. they also tend to keep it more secret than those people who openly and obviously hate you for what you are.

there are cases where showing/proving it might be worth it, but that is mostly if they have some tallent or something like knowledge thinking skil or otherwise could help us and you. also for fun ofcource, if you meet someone like me, you, or any other werewolf or werewolflike then there is little reason to hide it, but proving it should not be done because someone tells or asks you to, it should only be done whenever you feel like it. like when playing in the forrest and you just feel like doing something which would make it obvious/prove it. however if you look clearly here, it isn't done with the intent to prove it because someone requasted it, it is proven beause you felt like it, or because you wanted to do someting for fun which as a result proves it. for training/learning/gaining something like knowledge etc. proving can sometimes be done, but I know that for manny werewolves it is very hard to do the things on command, since most didn't get trained properly, even the most tallented ones who didn't get great training from young on can in general only do things on instinct, or when they truly feel like it, or sometimes seemingly on random.

ofcource if you can do great enough things to prove it on command with ease and without any real trouble then you can just show it to them, and perhaps more, we need to be more accepted worldwide annyway, since right now most humans don't want to know about our existance and this results in a lot of opression for us where we have to hide and can't properly train or have real fun, by just being more like we are supposed to be in our nature and instinct and feeling to put it simply.
However if you decide to do this and show them directly I recommend to first directly contact me and some others like us if possible, this is mostly to properly prepare for if strange or unwanted things happen and so you have some to back you up if things go wrong. kind of like a pack, but now for all our good, also possibly for some cross training(meaning we train eachoter things that the others don't yet know, and transfer knowledge. when acting open with humans is it good to have someone watching your back and ready to support you. I went through something similar, but have to keep this short so removed most of this message, I didn't have support nearby and only thank my life due to me being quite naturally tallented and especially my instinct, feeling and fast response to things and adaptation.
11 days ago
How's it going guy's
21 days ago
Ever since I lost my girlfriend I feel completely alone, and broken, now all I do is drink beer all night and pass out, all I do is listen to heavy metal and break things because all I do is feel empty without my girlfriend.. Sorry just needed to let it out, anyways Later!
22 days ago
Hey Dany v.l. thx for your words really.. your words mean a lot so thank you.. I'll remember your words, stay safe Later!✌️