Take the True Werewolf Quiz to Find Out if You Are One! 🐺

Are you? And if you were, would you tell anyone?
This werewolf quiz asks about real-life experiences a few of you might have had. If the full moon makes you feel odd...if your best friend is acting a little uneasy around you...if you feel like you're more than just a party animal...this werewolf quiz is for you!
Take the test and find your true self! 🐺

  • 1
    Have you ever woken up with dirt, blood or leaves on your bed?
    Have you ever woken up with dirt, blood or leaves on your bed?
  • 2
    Have you ever experienced a connection with animals?
  • 3
    Do you have sharp canine teeth?

  • 4
    Have you ever become faster, stronger, more tactical, or all three of these, while angry?
  • 5
    Have you ever craved meat for no reason?
  • 6
    Have you ever felt you recognized a place you had never actually been to before?

  • 7
    Have you ever growled at someone?
  • 8
    Do you ever feel the need to go outside and just do something?
  • 9
    Have you ever had a dream about the forest?
  • 10
    Have you ever felt extra-weird when the moon was full?

  • 11
    Were you honest during this?

Comments (43)


31 days ago
I have always had this thing against people but never animals
32 days ago
I'm turning 15 and I have always felt strangely connected to nature and animal mostly wolves and nature I feel energy going through me every full moon is it possible to be half witch have werewolf also cause I Feel a connection to witch power also so i dont knpw but i know i feel the connection and some times i feel like run away towards them an into the forest every time I try to ignore it the voice and calling gets louder in my head
38 days ago
I know right Solomon Is so painfully but I can join you
39 days ago
Hey Luna same I boy and I a werewolf and who live in england
282 days ago
Hey Rodney same here I’m 11 I’m a alpha and seriously need help WHO WANTS A YOUNG ALPHA FEMALE? I just need a pack
282 days ago
Hi… I’ve only just found out im a alpha werewolf…but im really young! Do you know any packs in England? And I think im getting out of control I’ve started biting my lip and roaring and my eyes go all funny?! Does anyone relate to being a alpha and well yea?
359 days ago
I think being a werewolf has its pros and cons the pro is I can scare the life out of my arch enemy and me and my pack can make a sweet den, the con WHAT BOY WILL LIKE A Werewolf! On a side note if any 10 year old beta male wants to join my pack your more then welcome to just take it up with my alpha.
360 days ago
I am either a werewolf or vampire

I think I’m werewolf tho—ngl
360 days ago
Hey night howler you could join my pack we only have 3 pack members it wouldn't be so lonely
360 days ago
Hey night howler you could join are pack we only have 3 pack members so it would be nice if we had more pack members
405 days ago
i am a young werewolf
421 days ago
hey Vex im a werewolf i found out 4 years ago when i was 16 but i hate being a werewolf it ruined my life becouse know girl is gonna wanna date someone like me ps know one knows about my secret not one person besides yall on this quiz ha ha ps you can talk to me if you want its COOL anYWAS LATER
421 days ago
Hi so, I got werewolf and today I felt like my arm and face was changing in some way and I was shaking when that was happening and also I have really sharp teeth. ( I was bored and I bit myself and I pierced my skin) I have growled before and when it was a full moon this year I looked at it and couldn’t look away. I have only felt “phantom limbs” once before ; a tail ; a lil sus but.. I believe in werewolf’s and I want to find one and prove it to every one and all of my friends! I need someone to talk to please…
452 days ago
By the way the😘 was a typo it was supposed to be “sucks” bye now tho!
452 days ago
Man being a werewolf is amazing although my mate just died😭. Anyway I already knew I was one because when I get mad or hyper I shift also I’m an alpha and It 😘trust me and right now I’m at war with another pack but my parents don’t know this, should I tell them let me know! Anyway BYE!
466 days ago
I'm a werewolf but thats odd. But I kinda love werewolf and I do sometimes bite my sister when were joking around and every time before I go to be or when we go somewhere all I say is I want meat but wow I didn't know I'm a werewolf but its just weird how can a human be half werewolf??
476 days ago
We'll i already knew that i was a werewolf about 3 year's ago, because i had strange signs as a kid that something was different about me, although i don't like being a werewolf it sucks! X/ because what gjrl is gonna wanna be with a guy like me!? Ps do y'all think i should love myself by being different by different i mean being a werewolf? Or do y'all think i should hate myself for being a werewolf!? Let me know what you guys think, ps do y'all think it's cool that I'm a werewolf? or do y'all think it's creepy that I'm a werewolf? Pls let me know what y'all guys think, anyway I'm out - LATER!! ✌
492 days ago
571 days ago
585 days ago
the test says I might be but I have had part transformations already. very painful.