Take the True Werewolf Quiz to Find Out if You Are One! 🐺

Are you? And if you were, would you tell anyone?
This werewolf quiz asks about real-life experiences a few of you might have had. If the full moon makes you feel odd...if your best friend is acting a little uneasy around you...if you feel like you're more than just a party animal...this werewolf quiz is for you!
Take the test and find your true self! 🐺

  • 1
    Have you ever woken up with dirt, blood or leaves on your bed?
    Have you ever woken up with dirt, blood or leaves on your bed?
  • 2
    Have you ever experienced a connection with animals?
  • 3
    Do you have sharp canine teeth?

  • 4
    Have you ever become faster, stronger, more tactical, or all three of these, while angry?
  • 5
    Have you ever craved meat for no reason?
  • 6
    Have you ever felt you recognized a place you had never actually been to before?

  • 7
    Have you ever growled at someone?
  • 8
    Do you ever feel the need to go outside and just do something?
  • 9
    Have you ever had a dream about the forest?
  • 10
    Have you ever felt extra-weird when the moon was full?

  • 11
    Were you honest during this?

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777 days ago
Hey can I join someone’s pack I’m am a lone wolf and I’m sick of it
830 days ago
and some time i cry out of no where like somebody died.
830 days ago
my ancestors names were my papa was telling me about what happen to him when he was younger but he told me to use it to my advantage.
830 days ago
for the past few months i have seen a lot of places it felt like i was already there before but i don't remember me going any where round there and when i go outside feel like thatch where i belong and for a week i have been see these people telling me to follow them and it was all so weird and when i get mad my body tightens up i start to grind my teeth and on full moons i don't want to go to sleep its like i ate a months stack of candy and i stay hungry for meat. and when i bleed my cuts are gone in two days but when i burn myself its stays for two weeks and i stay active i like to run and i can jump high and where i am in the forest i feel good like was born there. if this stuff is happening to you don't be afraid of it in brace it let it flow threw you.
833 days ago
I had some weird dream before, I was in a car sitting down all dressed up I saw my ear twitch and me jumping out of the car, running to the woods and shifting into a wolf. I also used to growl at a kid at my school BC he was so annoying he was afraid of me UwU. I have a a twin sister, she found a moon thingy I do what it is in my room. I also have a pack, with pups in training. No they are not mine, I am the alpha of the pack. I cannot sleep at nighr on full moons, also wierd fact when I sleep at night i awaken so tired for the rest of the day, and when I stay up all night taking weird quizzes I am wide awake the next morning and have no problem thw whole day.
838 days ago
Hey I’m a alpha werewolf now I can kill all my enemies I always have hated
862 days ago
Btw where do I get moon bracelet just in case I am a Werewolf? Plus I used to have a wolf neckless with 2 green gem eyes.
862 days ago
Well my nick name is shadow and...It said I might as well be a werewolf but I am only 10 so can you really know or not? Plus I do growl every once in a while or when I get mad or an't thinking straight and I seem to under stand dogs I can't have one but my mimi has atleast 2 dogs at a time at her hoyse and I seem to understand them well was I born on a full moon I was born 2010,May 19th,745pm plz tell me if you even know I seem to like to stay up late on my phone like I am right now it is litterally 1018pm so yeah I injoyed the test I hope it's correct so yeah see ya in the comments! Btw my faverite colors is Black Red and blue. And I am pretty carring but I honestly have never been called "Werewolf".
864 days ago
I wish life wasn’t so anoiying and it came true
898 days ago
I might be a vampire or a wolf
919 days ago
Get a moon bracelet before the blood moon i will tell you when the blood moon is since I can sence it the blood moon is next year may 26,2021
975 days ago
1045 days ago
I also feel deeply for animals
1045 days ago
Ok..so I might I do growl howl bark a lot.i think I am a werewolf except I am not of age yet
1053 days ago
Oh, yeah, i forgot.
My classmates used to call me "werewolf" before i started to hide it.
1053 days ago
My test said i might be a werewolf, but I know i am. Well... I haven't had my fully transfomation yet, but that is only because I am just 13. I have transforned in part (often my fangs grow and i get more hair on my arms), i have bitten many people (especially when i am angry), i am stronger and faster then all the girls i know, i hear, smell and see thigs much better then my classmates and i see in the dark, i can litterally understand what cats, birds and dogs want (i feel their feelings and know what they want), i start to shake seriously when someone is getting me angry, i even born during full moon and all my eight great-grandparents where werewolves.
1135 days ago
The one quiz I took said I was 60% wolf and I almost bit my roommate,she didn't notice cause I held it in.
1596 days ago
1638 days ago
i'm either a vampire or werewolf. This means you might be one or the other according to your answers.